Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th July 2022 Written Update: Baji loses his calm when he doesn’t find her in tent

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th July 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi telling Mastani that they have to take a decision by keeping the current situation in mind. She reveals she is here to help Mastani because Hindu Empire can’t lose a warrior like Bajirao. Bajirao’s world is now Mastani so tomorrow she doesn’t want to take any decision by going against Bajirao. Mastani has no choice but listening to her. Mastani asks her what she has to do.

Kashi tells Ganga to bring Marathi attire for Mastani saying Mastani has to change her religion and has to look like a Marathi woman as her father is a Hindu. She will be known by her father’s religion if she wants to stay in the wada. Kashi says Pune people have objections with her as she is a Mughal but Baji said she is born and brought up like a Hindu so she has to go there in a Hindu woman’s get up then probably people won’t stop her from staying with Baji. Matang asks Mastani to not come under Kashi’s influence, its all a trap.

Mastani accepts Kashi’s idea and says she is ready to look like a Hindu woman but by that will Kashi accept her completely? Kashi says she can’t give her guarantee right now. Ganga taunts Mastani saying Kashi sent Baji to save Bundelkhand but Mastani snatched Baji from Kashi! Kashi asks Ganga not to talk like that. Kashi tells Mastani that she has to hear all these taunts if she wants to stay in the wada. She should get used to it. Mastani says if Baji saved Bundelkhand then she also saved him twice from death. She didn’t come to Puna to snatch anything from Kashi but she just wants to be a part of Baji’s life nothing else.

Kashi tells her not to waste time but she should get ready. Mastani replies she doesn’t know how to wear a saree. Kashi says she doesn’t feel right to make someone ready who broke her happy family. Mastani says she can tell Ganga to do that. Kashi says she is fulfilling all her responsibilities towards Bajirao and she will only do it now not anyone else. Kashi makes Mastani wear saree, jewels etc. Kashi sheds tears and recalls all her moments with Bajirao.

Chimaji asks Surya what Kashi is doing with Mastani. She didn’t leave her tent yet. Surya says there must be a reason as Kashi doesn’t do anything without purpose. Kashi tells Mastani to reach Shaniwad Wada on time and she leaves with Ganga. Ganga says it seems like Surya and Chimaji left with their soldiers as it’s early morning already. Now they can’t kill Mastani. She asks Kashi whether she is still in love with Baji? Kashi says that doesn’t matter now as Baji loves someone else and she lost his support. Mastani tells Matang to come after her.

Surya tells Radha that Kashi learned about their plan maybe so she went to meet Mastani. Radha gets upset and Kashi says yes she got to know they wanted to kill Mastani. She tells Radha that a daughter can scold her mother if she is wrong. She says how can they think of killing Mastani when they know about Baji’s anger. Baji will destroy everything and he can even kill his family for attacking Mastani.

Radha says Baji won’t do that to his family. Kashi says they know how much he loves Mastani. There Baji doesn’t find Mastani or Matang in the tent and gets furious. He goes to wada and threatens everyone with sword and asks them where is Mastani? He asks Chima, Surya and then he shows sword to Kashi too. Kashi says only this was left to see. Now he wants to kill his family. She says Mastani had to die. Her old self died and now she is Mastani Bai. Some priests arrive at the doorstep of the wada to prevent Mastani from entering. Kashi calls Mastani and the latter comes in Hindu woman’s attire. Baji asks her why she wore a saree? Mastani tells him to have patience.

Kashi says people had issues with Mastani’s religion and now it’s resolved because Mastani will stay here as Hindu. Mastani says she worshipped Lord Krishna and grew up like a Hindu. Kashi says Mastani can enter the wada now. Baji asks Mastani from where she got the idea. Mastani says Kashi suggested her, Baji praises Kashi’s thinking and Radha gets irked. She says what was the need to do all these? She says but she has something which she can use against Mastani. Chimaji asks her what is it?

Episode ends

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