Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st June 2022 Written Update: King Shahu takes back the post of Peshwin from Kashi

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The episode starts with Baji telling Mastani she won’t be able to defeat him as she never fought in tough circumstances. She never practiced fighting under sunlight or she is not grounded. She stays in mansion and obviously she won’t have such great fighting skills. Mastani keeps on attacking Baji with her sword and he pushes her back and taunts her. She says though she has been brought up in a mansion and a king’s daughter she is but her mother doesn’t belong to a royal family but she is just a dancer. People taunt her everyday, she got the tag of illicit child so she got used to it.

She didn’t expect such words from Bajirao as she felt he will understand her situation. Her father’s love made her life better otherwise she wouldn’t have been capable enough to face the enemies. Her father taught her sword fighting to protect herself as there are people who hate her. She adds she didnt get the legacy from her ancestors like how Baji became Peshwa. Baji realises he was wrong about her. He saves her from falling after fighting, they share an eye lock. He goes to his tent.

Keshav says the plan is ready but he doubts whether Kashi will fall into trap or not. Radha replies King Shahu is supporting them thus he will be in their side. Kashi will lose her honor today. In Darbar King Shahu asks Kashi what she wants to say about the accusation. She says that is false and she didn’t do anything as such but Keshav is lying. Keshav says he has evidences who will give their statement regarding this incident. Keshav calls Krishna Rao and Shiu. Kashi gets shocked to hear their names. Kashi asks Krishna how can he give statement against her. He says just how she punished him on the basis of proofs, she even made her father as hostage on the basis of proofs then he will also support the proofs against her this time. He says Keshav is telling the truth. Shiu also tells the same against Kashi.

Bhavani says she can’t believe Krishna is her son but Kashi is innocent. Shiu and Krishnarao have been planning against Kashi since long and today they executed it. Krishna Rao says if he is wrong then he wouldn’t have helped Kashi in order to save Chimaji from Mughals. King Shahu says since Kashi couldn’t show any proof in her favour she will not be Peshwin anymore. Kashi says he did give her fair chance to prove her point. That’s unacceptable. She tells Krishna that he knows that his sister is innocent still what he got after trapping her? She makes Shiu touch her belly and gives her the swear of the baby saying is she sure that Kashi cheated her husband? Shiu removes her hand. Kashi further says she has taken a decision and she has no option but doing it.

Baji writes a letter to Kashi and says he couldn’t write letter as he was busy. He writes about Mastani and her qualities. He says she is just like him brave and grounded. He then omits the sentence thinking Kashi might misunderstand him that he is fond off Mastani. He gives the letter to his messenger. Later he declares that Mastani will fight from his right side, though she lost to him but she has courage and her spirit is praiseworthy. Mastani gets delighted to know that and thinks she wants to fight all the battles from his right side only forever.

Episode ends

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