Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th May 2022 Written Update: Mastani gets introduced

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Surya thinking how he will reach Baji as the forest caught fire. Baji understands that the smell of gunpowder was not coming from his weapons but from the forest. Debghar’s king set the death trap for him and his soldiers. Mastani burnt the forest to save them. Surya throws an arrow with a note towards Bajirao.

Bajirao gets happy to read that. He says it’s Kashi who saved them as she also got the smell of the gunpowder from the messenger and then she sent Surya for Bajirao’s rescue. Surya killed the Debghar’s soldiers but Mastani burnt the forest out of desperation. Her intentions was to save Baji and his soldiers but she caused trouble for them. They have to take a long way to reach Bundelkhand now.

Kashi gets happy to know Baji got saved but she wonders who burnt the forest. Now Baji will reach Bundelkhand late. Surya says he felt someone’s presence there and that person burnt the forest. Kashi says but now Baji will have problem because of that person. Baji makes up his mind to attack Debghar but Debghar’s informer gives him a letter sent by the king.

Baji is about to attack him angrily but the informer apologises to him on behalf of the king. He adds they don’t have the power or courage to defeat Bajirao thus they want to befriend him again. Debghar’s king gives a written statement that he won’t betray Bajirao again in future. Baji gets convinced and says he will go to Bundelkhand now. Mastani gets delighted to hear that and thanks him in mind for ending her wait for him. Baji thinks he just wants to meet Kashi as soon as possible.

Kashi reads Baji’s letter multiple times and Ganga teases her. Kashi says for the first time Baji wrote a letter for her with love and admiration. She can’t get over the fact.
Ganga asks her to get ready for her ritual and King Shahu is also invited. Kashi wonders why King Shahu is coming. Radha tells Kaveri that she knowingly invited King Shahu and he will control Kashi’s actions from now.

Kashi’s baby will need protection very soon. Kaveri gets confused. Kashi meets Bhavani and hugs her. Radha says she didnt invite Bhavani though but it’s good she came, Kashi says Bhavani is her mother and she can come to meet her anytime. Bhavani makes Kashi sit and she goes to welcome King Shahu. The ritual is performed after that.

Baji collects all kind of stones from different places he visited while coming to Bundelkhand. He says he will send it to Kashi and also writes a letter for her. He comes out of his camp and Bundelkhand people meet him. They greet him by giving presents. Baji asks them how they got to know he is here to save them. They reply that Mastani told them. Baji asks who is Mastani. They give a description of her eternal beauty and qualities. She is not just a great dancer but have great fighting skills. She is devotee of Krishna and Allah’s daughter. She is King Chatrasal’s daughter and people can even die to see her once.

Baji doesn’t show interest and says he is here to fight the Mughals. They ask him to meet Mastani once but he says he will focus on the battle. One of his soldiers say that they are eager to meet Mastani after hearing about her. Baji says it’s just fancy words and she is a princess so she loves to hear praises. He adds he came to Bundelkhand for Kashi only not for Mastani.

Mastani dances and her friend asks her she is looking like she is lost in love. But Bajirao didn’t even come to meet her. Mastani says she can’t wait to meet him as she is waiting for him since long. She smiles.

Episode ends

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