Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th May 2022 Written Update: Mastani and Bajirao’s first meeting

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mastani trying to see Bajirao from outside his tent. Her helper asks her has she gone mad? She says she is mad for Bajirao for sixteen years. She is waiting to meet him since then. She doesn’t want to lose this chance. She gets inside the tent and looks at sleeping Bajirao. She says the person who snatched her sleep is sleeping peacefully. She is about to leave but Baji stops her. She gets nervous and doesn’t turn back. He says why she entered his tent without his permission, she should be thankful that noone attacked her, she says being a part of Bundelkhand she felt the need to see him once out of courtesy.

He replies she was spying on him and even went to Puna. What kind of courtesy is this. She says she did it for her own people only. He asks her to face him but she hides behind the curtain saying she is hesitating a bit. He says he is here to fight the Mughals and will leave after that. He doesn’t have time for her philosophical thoughts.

She holds his hand and stops him. He gets shocked and she shows her face to him. She says he can’t leave without her permission as it’s the law of this state. She will help him by all means. He says noone can stop him from leaving, he adds he heard a lot about her that she is pretty, talented etc but he doesn’t care about that. He only wants to focus on the battle that’s it. Bundelkhand will be free from the torture of Mughals that’s his only motive. She leaves silently. She says if Baji has that motive, she will support him. Kashi tries to protect the Diya flame but it blows off. She feels strange but then ignores her intuition..

Radha provokes King Shahu against Kashi in private. She says Kashi is even disobeying the king which is not right. She shouldn’t have gotten the post of Peshwin as she is doing whatever she wants. She sent Baji to Bundelkhand by going against the King’s decision. Who gave her the right? King Shahu gets influenced and misunderstands Kashi.

Radha asks him to give the wada’s responsibilities to Chimaji instead of Kashi. Chimaji proved his worth too. Kashi spends time with Bhavani and Radha taunts them. Radha says Kashi should stay in maternal home during pregnancy but here things are opposite. Bhavani is not ready to leave Kashi’s in laws’ house. Kashi apologises to Bhavani for Radha’s insulting words.

Bhavani says she should not go to Chaskaman in this state and even Mahadji didn’t forget his humiliation yet regarding Atmaram’s matter. Kashi then gets Baji’s letter and those unique stones. She gets delighted saying this is a good sign and it proves she is doing the right thing.. She misses Bajirao thinking he wouldn’t have let Radha insult Bhavani today if he was present.

Baji makes war strategies with his soldiers and Mastani joins them in a warrior’s get up. She gives some informations to Baji saying these will help him identify the weaknesses of the enemies and he will fight the battle in better way. He says she doesn’t have idea about defeating Mughals. She says she has idea and this war is equally important for her where she will accompany him to fight the battle. Her soldiers lost their dear ones and women, children all are affected. Baji asks her to not think emotionally.

War needs practical thinking. She says he doesn’t know about her soldiers. They lost everything and now they have nothing to lose. They just want revenge from Mughals. Baji asks her but what she will get by risking her life, she is already a princess. She says she is not fascinated by her status, she is a lover and she has dedicated her soul to love. So, winning this war against Mughals is important for her.

Episode ends

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