Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th May 2022 Written Update: Keshav comes to Chaskaman to execute Radha’s plan

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi reaching Chaskaman. Shiu greets her happily and hugs her. She says she can’t believe Kashi is going to be a mother soon. She feeds her laddoo. Krishnarao says his responsibilities are huge as he will become mamu soon. Bhavani wonders how these two suddenly changed their mind and behaving nicely with Kashi.

Keshav enters and leers at Kashi. Kashi says now she can stay freely here without following any rules. Krishnarao thinks he forgave Kashi for what she did to him but what she did to Mahadji that is not forgivable. Shiu thinks Kashi lost all her supporters here and now she will get a lesson soon..

Mastani is taken to Bangash Khan and he asks her how can she betray her own people and befriend with those Hindus. They are her own people not those Hindus. Mastani mocks him for his thinking and says if he doesn’t return back then Baji will destroy them after getting her one signal.

Kayam Khan interferes saying he heard a lot about Mastani’s beauty and people were right, she is beautiful but she is not princess in true sense as her mother Ruhani Begam was a mistress of her father Chatrasal. He didn’t marry her so Mastani is his illicit child. Mastani didnt get any prince’s marriage proposal due to that reason. Mastani feels insulted and gets mad at him. She warns him to not take her mother’s name again.

Kayam says truth is bitter and he says he is ready to marry her and give her respect when she will become his fourth wife. Mastani says she would prefer to die before marrying him. He slaps her and misbehaves with her. She says he is noone but a beggar, he is not capable enough to take even Bajirao’s name from his mouth. Kayam says Bajirao will never give her respect but will use her and throw her out of his life later.

Mastani adds her father loved her mother and for her, love is everything. Kayam laughs at her. Bajirao asks his soldiers not to focus on stupid rumors about him and Mastani. People are talking rubbish that Baji is mesmerized by Mastani’s beauty thus he stopped the war for the first time.

Bajirao says he is married and he loves Kashi alot. He is here to save the Bundelkhand people and God knows what is happening with Mastani and her family. Krishnarao asks Keshav what is his plan? Keshav says he will snatch Kashi’s respect and after that she will lose her Peshwin’s post. Krishnarao says that’s good as people are giving her too much respect nowadays.

Mastani’s parents arrive and Bangash’s soldiers try to kill them but Mastani pleads him not to do that. Kayam says they she has to get ready to marry him, she agrees but puts forth a condition saying she wants to celebrate Holi in her mansion first as she has lots of memories there. Bangash says but they don’t have enough time, Baji is waiting.

But Kayam accepts Mastani’s condition. Baji learns that Mastani will go to her mansion to celebrate Holi and there she will get married to Kayam. Baji understands Mastani’s brilliant plan and says now they will have the scope to save her family from Mughals.

Kashi misses Bajirao and then she feels the baby is kicking. She gets happy. Keshav enters and gives her lots of presents. He tells her that they used to play together in childhood. She is still the same as beautiful as she was. Kashi asks him to sit and says she can’t take such expensive gifts from him. He touches her hand and she feels uncomfortable.

Episode ends

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