Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 30th June 2022 Written Update: Surya spots Mastani during the ceremony

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 30th June 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bajirao saying this is not just his or Kashi’s son but he is Radha’s grandson too. Kashi asks Radha if they can give a nick name to their son which is Nanasaheb as Mahadji will give him lots of love. Radha agrees and says her son will have both the qualities of Baji’s father and Kashi’s father.

Mastani passes by and stops Baji. She requests him not to look at her. He apologises to her for breaking his promise. She says she knows what promise means to Baji so she didnt let him fail to fulfil that. She came here on her own. She goes to see the child and Baji feels bad thinking now Mastani will hold the baby in her arms being a maid.

Radha looks at Baji who is lost and is looking at Mastani. Radha asks Surya what is exactly the matter due to which Baji looks lost. Surya says maybe he is thinking about Mastani..Radha says if Mastani is here then she will cut off her head. She tells Surya to keep an eye on Baji as they have no idea about Baji’s actions.

Ganga asks Kashi about Baji’s distraction and Kashi says she also can’t feel his support despite his presence. Mastani meets Kashi and says she has heard a lot of Kashi. Kashi asks them to have food and Mastani blesses the baby boy saying he has gotten all the qualities of his father and he will become a great warrior too.

Kashi likes her approach of blessing Nanasaheb and she takes off her necklace and gives to Mastani. Baji feels bad for Mastani as the latter came here as maid and even has to accept tips too. There Surya notices Mastani and informs Radha. Radha goes to Baji before he can reveal the truth. She cuts her wrist with his knife and tells him to stop all these. She says Baji won’t tell anything to Kashi.

Mastani accepts the necklace and tries to leave but Kashi stops everyone saying she found a different kind of baby cloth. That sword sign is in different from others. She says maybe an outsider came to the wada. She tells Surya to check whether someone is there. She says she will give death penalty to that person. Baji lies to her that he only brought the little dress for the child from Bundelkhand.

Kashi says why he didn’t tell her before. Mastani finally leaves and Baji thinks he has to say sorry to Mastani. He follows her and Kashi wonders why Baji is looking at Mastani and even following her now. She also goes behind Baji. They reach a forest and Kashi thinks Baji is not someone who will go after a woman.

She is overthinking and she should leave the forest now else Baji will misunderstand her and he must be stressed too. Baji meets Mastani in the forest and hugs her. He says he feels sad that he couldnt take her to the ceremony. She says she just didn’t let him break his promise by being present there. He should not feel guilty for that.

He says he is afraid of her desperation for him. Mastani says she loves him fearlessly. They hug each other and Kashi comes back to call Baji thinking he must be hungry. She then finds Mastani and Baji together in that intimate position. She is unable to believe thats true. Baji can’t do this to her. She again sees twice to be sure if the sight is true or false. She feels shattered and broken. She gets teary ànd Mastani realises she is watching them. Baji gets shocked on finding Kashi behind the tree.

Episode ends

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