Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Baji gets into a fight with Chimaji

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Baji checking the dead soldiers to find out who is the culprit and he finds a mohar of Chimaji. Baji gets furious at Chima after that and he goes to attack him. He threatens him with sword and asks if he is behind the attack? Chima says yes and he doesn’t want to hide this thing like a coward. Radha and Kashi both get worried for Chima and try to stop Baji but in vain. Baji and Chima start fighting with swords.

Baji defeats him and Radha stops him saying Chima is his brother, how can he do this to him? Chima says he can’t see Baji giving Kashi’s place to a cheap dancer. Kashi is like his mother. Baji breaks a pot with his sword in anger and asks Kashi to punish Chima being the Peshwin. He committed a crime by trying to kill a woman. Kashi gets ready and she says she will punish Chima for his deed in the Sabha.

Kashi blames Mastani for everything as their family is breaking apart because of her arrival. She forced two brothers to fight. She tried to take Kashi’s place whom Chima considers as mother. Due to Mastani’s interference this is happening. Kashi says but Chima wronged her so she will serve justice to her. Baji sits worried and Mastani goes to him. He says he can’t trust anyone in this wada now. They both will go to stay in Kothrud’s wada. Mastani says but she wants to stay with his family.

Baji refuses saying he can’t take risk with her safety. Mastani says if he already decided then she will support him and won’t stop him from staying with her. Kashi spends time with Nanashaheb and tries to feed him. Radha arrives and Kashi tells her to feed Nana. Radha does so and asks Kashi what punishment she has decided for Chima?

Kashi says she is bound to punish him as he has done wrong. Radha pleads her not to give him strict punishment as whatever he did is because of his extreme love and respect towards Kashi. He calls her as mother. Kashi says she also loves Chima like her son but she can’t change her decision else people will question her that she changed the rules to save her family.

Radha says if Nanashaheb did it instead of Chima, would she answer the same? Kashi gets into thinking and she replies she doesn’t know that. Surya finds out that the troop of soldiers are not from his side. He didn’t send them to kill Mastani. They were some other people.

Kashi goes to the Sabha but Surya tells her everything what he noticed. She asks Chima whether he sent soldiers to kill Mastani. Chima admits yes and Kashi says but she got to know those soldiers don’t belong to him but they were sent by another person. Baji says Kashi is again taking Chima’s side.

Kashi says she has proofs and evidence. She asks him how he got to know Chima sent those men. Baji says he found a mohar of Chima from one soldier. Kashi says why would Chima leave his mohar like that? He would not do that to get caught easily. Baji says then from where the mohar came from? She says she will find out about that soon but for now she won’t punish Chima.

 Baji says he will stay in Kothrud’s wada with Mastani and he doesn’t want to trust anyone here now. Kashi gets disheartened hearing his decision. She says she tried hard to stop him here so that he spends time with Nanashaheb and stays under the same roof with his son but Baji still left his family.

Episode ends

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