Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th August 2022 Written Update: Radha asks Baji to sit with Kashi for a puja

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi questioning Mastani that the latter smartly executed the plan to separate Baji from his family. First she herself accepted Radha’s challenge when Kashi told her not to do that. Then she sent a letter to Baji filled with coal stains so that he learns where she is staying and loses his calm. She just wanted to be great in front of him. Mastani says Kashi is accusing her for false reasons. She didn’t do anything as such. Kashi says when Mastani understood that Baji can’t belong to her only she started playing these games so he only loves her and not others. But that’s not possible. She announced her fake birthday and thought Baji will choose her over Nanashaheb but Baji didn’t do so. So she called her own soldiers to attack herself. Mastani says she came here alone, from where she will bring soldiers. Kashi says she got to know Mastani brought some secret people with her and she uses them for her benefit.

Kashi says Matang stole the mohar and Mastani cleverly gave it to her soldiers so that if they get caught then her name will not get exposed but Chima will get trapped. Mastani finally admits but sadly Kashi can’t prove all this to Baji. Kashi says she knows Baji is in love with Mastani and he won’t believe in her accusation. Baji trusts Mastani blindly that doesn’t mean he is stupid. He can also see Mastani’s real intentions one day. Kashi feels Baji still loves his family and his first wife.

Mastani says but she doesn’t think so as Baji only loves her not Kashi. When a man has two women in his life this happens. Kashi says Mastani is the second woman in Baji’s life, but she was there with him from the start. Now Mastani just wants to get Baji anyhow, this is not love. Mastani says she loves Bajirao more than anything and Kashi has no right to question that.

Kashi says she believes Baji will not leave Shaniwad wada today, as he can’t leave without his family. Mastani says that’s not true, he will go with her. Kashi says if she wants she can tell about Mastani’s tricks to Baji right now but she wont do that as he is not going to believe in her. She won’t even stop him from leaving and she will give away all her rights on him if he leaves with Mastani. But if he doesn’t then the matter will be different.

Mastani gets into thinking and tells Matang about it that Kashi was so confident that Baji won’t leave this wada. Matang says they will execute another plan and Mastani just has to obey him. Once they took away Baji from his family for some days Kashi won’t have any rights on him and that’s what they want. Even if Baji returns back that will be of no use.

Radha comes to Baji with Chima. Baji holds Nana in his arms and says he didn’t sleep the whole night so he is also awake with him. He tells Radha that he loves Mastani and he has to protect her. Chima apologises to Baji saying he didn’t attack Mastani but he can assure him that this thing won’t happen again here. Radha tries to convince Baji saying family matters should not be a topic of discussion for others. People are gossiping about him and even King Shahu learned about it.

So Baji should not leave this wada and make it obvious to others that he is having issues with Kashi. He should think about their family respect. She says she has conducted a Puja and she wants him to sit with Kashi in that Puja. Baji says it means they are decorating the wada for this reason. Radha says Baji’s decision was also sudden thus she decided it quickly.

Kashi asks Chima about the puja flowers that why there are roses and jasmines. Chima makes an excuse and leaves. Matang gets suspicious thinking something is going on here and there’s a conspiracy. She tells Mastani that they never use rose or Jasmine for Puja then why they are using it now. Baji plays with Nanashaheb and Kashi gets happy to see him.

Episode ends

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