Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th July 2022 Written Update: Kashi gives conditions to Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th July 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi telling Mastani that the latter thinks she is Baji’s shadow but Kashi can even stay away from Baji for long for his own good. She and Baji can handle Peshwai which Mastani can’t do. Mastani says she doesn’t need such Peshwai or luxury which will keep her away from Baji. She can live with Baji in a forest as well. Kashi says in Mastani’s love there’s only her but in Kashi’s love she is absent. She considers the other things as her priority and she is like Lord Shiva’s third eye which has to be open all the time when Lord Shiva meditates.

Mastani says they can challenge each other to prove whose love for Bajirao is the best. As she can’t let someone question her love. She also knows Kashi came here to warn her in Baji’s absence. Kashi says Mastani is indeed beautiful but she doesn’t prioritise other things at all. She shouldn’t have challenged her. Kashi says if Mastani loses the challenge she will leave for Bundelkhand. If she wins Kashi will accept her love for Bajirao.

Kashi says she came here to take Baji to the rice ceremony and if he returns back to Mastani then her love will win and if he doesn’t leave his family for Mastani then the latter will leave for Bundelkhand. Mastani accepts the challenge and Kashi leaves the place. She meets Baji and asks him to attend the ceremony being Nanashaheb’s father. Baji says he is upset for not going there but still he can’t accept Mastani’s insult as she is his responsibility, he can’t leave her alone in the forest. Kashi says she already took permission from Mastani and she allowed him to go to attend the ceremony.

Baji gets delighted to know Mastani took such an intellectual decision and Kashi feels hurt hearing that. Baji says even after all this Mastani wants him not to miss any ceremony. Kashi says she came here as Nanashaheb’s mother only. She leaves in palanquin and Baji rides on horse. Baji talks to Nanashaheb with love and says he loves him a lot and will never leave his side. Radha says he should have showed all this love during the ritual. Now the time is over. Baji says when it comes to parents’ blessings for the child, time doesn’t matter. Kashi and Baji perform the rituals for Nanashaheb and Baji feeds him too. Kashi feels happy to see their bond.

Matang warns Mastani saying she will fail in this challenge as Kashi is stronger than her. Mastani says she wants to let the world know that her unconditional love for Bajirao has no boundary. If she wins the challenge she will get to stay in the Shaniwad wada with same amount of respect. She will get a new family. Mastani decorates her tent and lights diyas. She waits for Baji’s return. She thinks she has to make Kashi believe that Baji loves her. Kashi feels insecure and tells Radha that Bajirao is madly in love with Mastani and now nothing can work. Radha says a mother always wins over just a lover.

Kashi is a responsible mother and she should not doubt herself. Later she takes Kashi to a place with other members. Radha says Kashi needs to make Baji realise her worth. He should realise her value and her contribution behind his empire. Radha asks Kashi to go to Chaskaman for some days so that Baji starts missing her and never thinks of leaving her alone. Kashi is shocked to hear all of that.

Episode ends

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