Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th June 2022 Written Update: Bajirao remains in the dark about the fact that he married Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bajirao giving his sword to Mastani, he says this is really special for him and it belongs to her now. Mastani gets overwhelmed and he congratulates her, Chatrasal tells Baji that the amount of respect he gave to Mastani noone gave her that before. Now they won’t let him leave that easily. Bajirao feels bit strange and says Mastani earned this respect. Chatrasal says they will perform a small ritual before he leaves. Mastani congratulates Bajirao and he gets into thinking seeing her expressions. Later Bajirao’s mates ask him why they congratulated him, he says he also couldn’t get it.

Mastani gets overjoyed and thanks Kanhaji for answering her prayers which she did for sixteen years to get Baji. Baji didn’t see her religion or her identity but he accepted her and God also fulfilled her wish by making her legal wife of Bajirao. Ruhani and Chatrasal congratulate her and Chatrasal says now nothing can trouble Mastani as Bajirao is with her. They go to perform the tilak ritual of Bajirao and they consider him as son in law. Mastani’s brothers also get happy thinking now they will finally get rid of Mastani and she will welcome new enemies in her life in Shaniwad Wada. She will be the second wife of Bajirao. Kashi gets happy thinking now nothing will go wrong.

Mastani calls Matang and the latter gets happy for her. Mastani says she wants to meet Bajirao and Matang teases her saying she is being impatient to meet her love. She should feel shy a bit. Mastani says she can’t wait to meet him and Matang leaves to call him. Mastani performs aarti of Kanhaji happily for fulfilling her wish. Kashi goes to the darbar of King Shahu and he asks her what proof she has to prove her innocence. If she can’t prove anything then she will get punished as well. Kashi says she has faith in God and she won’t fail today.

Kashi calls Keshav and Surya in the darbar. Surya says he saved Keshav from some men who wanted to kill him. Surya forces Keshav to tell the truth else there will be consequences. Kashi says Keshav obeyed someone who wants to kill him. People ask Shahu to punish him. Shahu frees Kashi from all accusations. Keshav tries to reveal the names who were involved in this plan. But Kashi stops him from doing so. King Shahu gets impressed and gives back her respect in front of all. Krishna apologises to Kashi for falsely accusing her, still she didn’t take his name in front of the king. Kashi says he will get punished for disrespecting a woman. She can’t forgive him. Shiu tells Kashi that she deserves to get punished too. Kashi says she can’t punish her mother but Shiu should realise how she conspired against her own daughter.

Bhavani praises Kashi and calls her a fighter as she fought with the society for her self respect and honor. Kashi hugs Radha and thanks her for giving the information of Keshav’s location else they wouldn’t have found him or saved him. Radha says she also feels now Kashi is the best Peshwin. She realised it lately and misunderstood Kashi a lot. She apologises to Kashi and the latter gets emotional seeing the love. Kashi misses Bajirao. She performs the aarti of Ganpati Bappa and Radha tells her that Baji will return back very soon. She again feels sorry and Kashi tells her to forget about the past. Mastani thanks Kanhaji for uniting her with Bajirao.

Episode ends

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