Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th June 2022 Written Update: Mastani confesses her feelings to Bajirao

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bajirao writing letter to Kashi. He says he is sorry he couldn’t write letters to her for long. He writes about Mastani that she has same kind of spirit like Kashi and her determination reminds him of Kashi. Whenever he gets attracted towards Mastani but he remembers Kashi. He says he is coming back to Kashi soon. Chatrasal and Ruhani talk about dowry which they will give Bajirao. Chatrasal says he will give the best present to Bajirao. He decides to give his special sword to Baji which he never gave to anybody. Chatrasal gets upset thinking about Mastani’s Vidaai.

Chatrasal meets Bajirao and says he wants to pay him respect for what he has done. He gives him the sword. Bajirao accepts it and Chatrasal talks about performing Tilak ritual. Ruhani performs the ritual of Baji and the latter gets delighted. Matang takes the sword from Baji and tells him to meet Mastani. Baji goes to her room and she hides seeing him, he hears the sound of her ghunghroo and searches for her. Bajirao also hides and waits for her to come out. She looks for him and he holds her hand. They get close to each other and share an eye lock. Mastani feels shy and says today is the day when she finally got her love and she is really happy. Baji says it means finally she confessed her love and her lover accepted her proposal.

Mastani holds his hand and takes him near a jhula. She asks him to make her enjoy the ride of the jhula. She gets delighted and shares that sixteen years ago she decided to enjoy the jhula ride with the help of her lover. Today she got that pleasure. Baji feels strange. She shows him a flower which she planted for her lover specially. She wants him to tie the flower on her hair. She shows him a mango tree which is also for her lover. She gives him the mangoes saying the taste is really good. He says why can’t she taste it. She says her wish is her lover will feed her the mango.

Radha makes food for Kashi, and the latter thinks its for brahmins. Radha tells her to sit and have the food. She says Kashi is not eating well after she got pregnant. So today she will feed Kashi. Kashi says she is missing Bajirao and Radha also should feed him like she is feeding her. Radha says she can understand Kashi’s loneliness during pregnancy. Kashi says but she knows Radha is there for her and will care for her always. She eats the food from Radha’s hand. Mastani says she learned sword fighting only for her lover. She got inspired by his bravery and his talent.

From sixteen years she is only loving him. She says she drew a portrait of him too. She shows Bajirao’s portrait to him and the latter gets stunned to see that. He asks her who is that person whom she loves? Mastani says you stole my heart and now you are asking me who stole it? She gets down on her knees and holds his hand. He feels nervous and she says she loves him and he is her everything and flowers, mangoes, jhula all were meant for him only. She hugs Bajirao while he is left shocked.

Episode ends

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