Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th March 2022 Written Update: Kashi gets trapped

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th March 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi coming to Baji and asks him how he got hurt. Baji thanks her for her help. She says she will fall short of words as he gave her many reasons to thank him. Kashi’s dream ends and she says she has to leave immediately. Baji comes back in injured state and requests Damaji’s men to not tie him up. He thinks he has to rescue his family members today. He says he wants to hug his parents one last time. Baji hugs Balaji and Radha gets disheartened seeing them. Balaji says sorry to him for not saving him and not fulfilling a father’s duty to which Baji says he wants to relish his childhood memories that is he and Balaji used to play games. Balaji at first fails to get his hint but then he understands that Baji is indirectly trying to signal him to defeat the enemies by using proper startegy.

Damaji drinks alcohol and tells his mistresses that he invested more than 20 thousand money for all this and King Shahu is not even ready to give one single penny for Balaji. He says moreover Kashi took Ranishaheba’s help that can be a danger for him. Next day Baji and his family are taken outside for the punishment. Baji and Balaji take advantage of the situation and attack the enemies. They defeat them after some time and Damaji runs away. He hides in a room and there Kashi comes to the place. Damaji’s soldiers inform him about Kashi’s arrival with money. He gets surprised and happy both. He says now he will use her.

Baji shows direction to his family to get out of the place. There Kashi passes by to meet Damaji. Baji feels her presence and stops. He fails to see her and finds her ring which she dropped mistakenly. He picks it up and wonders whose it is. He says maybe it’s of someone else. He leaves. Damaji checks the coins and Kashi says she wants to meet her family. Damaji says she has no choice but obeying him. Her family will reach wada but before that she has to give him the money. Kashi doesn’t want to trust him. Baji reaches Saswad with family. Everyone cheers for Kashi and Peshwa both. Radha gets confused why they are cheering for Kashi. Balaji thanks the people for handling the situation with unity. He says further there will be more strict rules from now and noone will be spared if they break rules. Later the people ask Balaji about Kashi and Kaveri says because of Kashi they returned safely then where is she?Baji and everyone gets shocked hearing that.

Episode ends

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