Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 9th August 2022 Written Update: Baji refuses to go on a vacation with Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 9th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi doing the puja with Baji. Mahapurohit praises Baji for sitting for puja with Kashi. He says Baji didn’t forget to fulfil his duties. Radha says Kashi and Baji both are aware of their duties and their efforts will be enough to save their respect. Baji got distracted but he knows how to handle his responsibilities. Mastani says Radha is clearly calling her as distraction. Radha tells Kashi and Baji to marry each other again. Baji thinks he has no problem with exchanging garlands with Kashi but Mastani will be hurt. He thinks she is not around so he can marry Kashi. He remarries Kashi and Radha tells him to tie mangalsutra around her neck.

Mastani feels jealous and says Baji should have given her this importance instead of marrying Kashi. But nothing is happening as per her wish. She left everything to come here with Baji, she is also his wife but noone cares for her. Kashi says to Baji that she felt he is still that old Rao for her. Baji says he will never give Kashi’s place to anyone. Mastani can’t take that anymore and she leaves saying Baji will never love her only as long as Kashi is with him.

Baji unties the wedding knot saying he has to go now. Chima asks him to stop but Baji leaves to meet Mastani. Mastani prepares to leave but he calls Kashi and says Kashi took the responsibility of Mastani’s safety. Thus they don’t have to leave the wada even for some days. He trusts Kashi a lot. Kashi agrees to protect Mastani and Baji leaves saying he can be with Nanashaheb now. Mastani recalls how Kashi said Baji wont stay away from his family for even few days. Kashi tells Mastani that Baji has chosen them both so he won’t be partial. It would be better if Mastani accepts this truth like a mature person. Mastani says she won’t lose to Kashi and she will fight back.

Mastani goes to her room and Radha taunts her asking why she didn’t leave with Baji. Mastani says he changed his mind and it was his decision to go to Kothrud wada. Radha replies she made him decide that. Radha adds but his family stopped him from leaving. Kashi’s contribution is huge behind Baji’s success and his mother is also no less. Mastani can’t manipulate Baji to leave his family. She adds Mastani won’t understand the meaning of a wife and marriages don’t break that easily. It gets stronger every day and Mastani won’t understand that as Chatrasal didn’t marry Mastani’s mother.

Mastani loses her calm and she gives a hateful stare to Radha. Radha says she should keep it in mind that she lost to a wife. Mistresses come and go but wives don’t. Radha leaves and Mastani hits a pot with her sword angrily. She feels shattered and breaks down to tears. Matang consoles her. Mastani says she lost Baji to Kashi. She feels suffocated here, she is broken completely. Matang says Baji will be hers and she should not give up. She should prove that Baji’s love for her is beyond every obstacles. Mastani says now she will fight for real.

Episode ends

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