Kashibai Bajirao Ballal: Anu to instigate Radha against Kashi?

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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal is showcasing how Balaji became the Peshwa and now his mission is to bring back former Peshwa Bahiropant safely. There Bajirao utilises the golden opportunity and proposes to Kashi for remarriage. There Anu has developed hatred for Kashi. Will Radha come under her influence? that will be interesting to watch.

Previously it was shown that King Shahu finally gave the position of Peshwa to Balaji. Balaji thanked Kashi for making it possible. Radha got overjoyed to know that and celebrated the moment with her kids. There Mahadji called Kashi lucky for Bajirao as she made Balaji the next Peshwa but Shiu was not happy. Bajirao expressed his joy to Kashi saying he wants to remarry her. Kashi and Baji were in confusion how to confess their real feelings. During Balaji’s Peshwa ceremony King Shahu praised Kashi and Radha also ended the one month challenge. Kashi forgave Shiu and told her to stop Balarao from attacking her in laws.

In future episodes it will be seen that Bajirao will take permission from Radha to visit a temple with Kashi in order to pray for Balaji. Kashi will finally make the confession to Bajirao that she wants him as her husband when Bajirao will ask her about remarriage. Bajirao will lift her up out of excitement. Radha will hear praises for Kashi and ladies will criticise Bajirao for celebrating the happiness with his wife only. Anu will also get irked seeing Kashi is getting credits for Balaji’s big achievement. There Bajirao will give a beautiful surprise to Kashi. Kashi will reveal how she wanted him to give her marriage proposal for the second time. Bajirao will take pheras with Kashi and they will accept each other as husband and wife. Baji and Kashi will pray for each other’s wellbeing happily. There Balaji will get surrounded by Kanhoji’s soldiers.

Will Radha misunderstand Kashi?

Will Balaji save Bahiropant?

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