Kashibai Bajirao Ballal: Baji to fall unconscious?

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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal currently focusing on a track of Bajirao and Mastani’s growing romance. The truth recently broke Kashi down. She accepted Baji and Mastani’s relationship with heavy heart. Mastani asks Baji to marry her in front of everyone in Puna. Will Kashi permit that? It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Baji gave credits to Kashi for multitasking. He brought smile on her face and she said that she wants to keep Nanasaheb away from all the drama happening around.

Baji said that Mastani has no one here accept him, so he has to protect her. Kashi told him to take a wise decision. Matang suggested Mastani to play a trick. Therefore Mastani refused to leave Shaniwad wada and she told Baji that she didn’t want to separate him from his son.

Baji was be grateful towards her. She decided to go on a vacation with him for some days and he agreed. Kashi understood her plan and told her that if Baji doesn’t leave with her forever, she won’t give away her rights. Mastani felt that Baji only loves her.

During the puja Kashi and Baji came closer and Mastani felt jealous seeing them. Baji refused to go out of the wada with Mastani that made her sad. He gave Kashi the responsibility of her safety.

In future episodes it will be seen Kashi will learn from Surya that one of the attackers got caught and is unconscious. She will order Surya that she will talk to the attacker first after his recovery.

Kashi will stop Baji from learning Mastani’s truth that she called her soldiers to attack herself. Radha will organise a haldi-kumkum function to humiliate Mastani. Matang will advise Mastani to bear Baji’s child in her womb, so that everyone respects her.

Mastani will get the invitation to attend the function. Ladies will make fun of her marriage with Bajirao’s sword, that happened in Bundelkhand. Radha will say that they don’t believe in Bundelkhand’s custom.

Kashi will fear thinking what would be Baji’s reaction after knowing about Mastani’s insult. Later a heartbroken Mastani will ask Baji to marry her in front of everyone. Baji will be ready to do so.

Kashi won’t accept their marriage because Baji married Mastani without his knowledge in Bundelkhand. Later Baji will fall unconscious shockingly.

What happened to Baji?

Will Mastani and Baji get married again?

Will Kashi fail Mastani’s plan?

Will Baji leave the wada?

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