Katha Ankahee 11th January 2023 Written Update: Katha requests Chandra to help her get a new job

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The episode starts with Viaan sees Katha is asleep and hears the final announcement. Just then Katha wakes up and takes her luggage with her leaving Viaan’s food bag which is kept beside her. Viaan gets hurt. Viaan and Katha reaches India. Outside an airport Viaan holds Katha’s hand and pleads her to think from his perspective. Katha threatens to call the security if he don’t leave her hand. Viaan leaves her hand and Katha leaves the place. Viaan looks on sadly. Other side Kailash wakes up saying that he has an acidity and asks Kavita to bring him medicine. He then gets confused not finding Kavita so he calls her when she doesn’t answer he searches Kavita everywhere. The employee and Reet asks Kailash what happened. Reet says to Kailash that she has seen her leaving in a cab but doesn’t know where she went. The worker says that Kavita informed her about his medicine schedule so she knows what he should have now. Kailash shouts at her saying he wants Kavita not the medicine and goes inside. Reet gets confused and shocked. Kailash opens the cupboard and gets confused finding there is no clothes of Kavita is there also Kavita left a note for him in which she mentioned his medicine nothing else. He recalls his earlier conversation with Kavita and gets worried.

Katha calls Chandra sir and pleads him to help her get a new job as she is desperate with his influence she can get one. Chandra says he will try. Later Katha comes to her residency. She meets one of Aarav’s friend who is an aged woman. The lady asks Katha to take prasad and tells that she went temple for her and Aarav’s happiness then blesses Katha also wishes her a beautiful life ahead. Katha thanks her then enters the house. She sees Aarav and Nirija is having a conversation. Aarav asks Nirija will his old age friends gets upset with him if he hits the ball with his bat when he plays cricket. Nirija asks him to give the bat to her and she is capable of handling anyone. They both then argues who should bat first. Katha changes her clothes then comes infront of Aarav.

Aarav gets happy and hugs her. He then asks her when did she returned from Dubai also questions her for wearing sports shoes and clothes that related to. Katha jokes that she was inside her room only all the while. Aarav asks her to show him what she brought from Dubai. Katha informs him about her plan to take him to picnic and shows him her backpack. Aarav gets happy. Nirija tells him that she was preparing sandwiches and pancakes for this reason only but refuses to go with Katha and Aarav to picnic saying she is going to talk to her son’s via video call. Aarav then goes to get ready to go to picnic meanwhile Katha and Nirija goes to the kitchen to make tea.

Viaan comes to the office. The employees gets confused seeing Viaan’s sad face. Viaan goes to his cabin and informs Jenny to arrange a meeting with Dubai project workers at 11am also for further details asked to contact Ehsan. Jenny obliges and informs Ehsan the same. Ehsan gets surprised learning both Katha and Viaan returned earlier. He finds Katha isn’t in her cabin so goes to Viaan’s cabin thinking she will be there but gets surprised not finding Katha there. Ehsan inquires Viaan whether he impressed Abdali during this meeting or not also makes a joke. He then asks Viaan about Katha’s whereabouts. Viaan says Katha went to her house to take rest. Ehsan gets surprised but praises Viaan for bus decision to let Katha take rest. Viaan asks Ehsan to prepare everything for the meeting then remains silent. Ehsan finds it odd but obliges then leaves the cabin. Viaan calls Katha’s but finds her’s is switch off so gets upset. Ehsan sends Katha a message and when it doesn’t deliver he calls her and gets confused finding her number is switch off.

Meanwhile Katha and Aarav reaches Katha and Aditya’s favorite spot. Aarav complains they have to face struggle to reach here. Katha says in order to get what they want they have to struggle. They both then lay on the ground. Katha talks about Aditya whose mannerism is what Aarav’s is now. She also shares both her and Aditya’s dream to have a family of their own with Aarav. Later Viaan goes to Katha’s cabin where he finds nothing that’s been part of Katha’s personal life. He regrets crossing his line then goes to his cabin getting an idea. He calls Sunil and asks him to send him Katha’s address details. Sunil gets confused but obliges nevertheless and leaves. Viaan receives the details of Katha from Sunil and gets hopeful.

Precap: Viaan reaches Katha’s address writes a letter for her apologising for his behavior and pleading her to give him a chance. Nirija will smile and try to sneak what he is writing. Later Nirija informs Katha about Viaan’s visit. Katha sees Viaan is outside waiting for her. Viaan signs at her. Katha gets angry and upset.

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