Katha Ankahee 19th January 2023 Written Update: Kailash supports Aarav’s decision over Reet’s

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The episode starts with Teji and Farah introduces Katha saying both of their son’s used to play with Adi. Katha asks what their son’s are doing to Teji and Farah. Farah jokes then says that their son helps them in their NGO. Kavita calls Kiara and introduces her to Aarav then sends them both from there to play with one another. Farah and Teji praises Katha. Kavita tells them about Katha’s suffering being a single mother. She then leaves to attend other guests. Farah and Teji inquires Katha about her current job and gets surprised learning she is an architect but before they could further continue their conversation gets interrupted by other people so leaves Katha to meet their friends. Reet advices Aarav to take rest but the latter tells her she is fine. Reet gets annoyed but Kailash arrives there and supports Aarav’s decision which upsets Reet so she leaves. Aarav gets happy learning Kailash also likes Virat Kohli. Later Katha tells Kavita that she is leaving with Aarav to home also refuses to use the Garewal’s car to reach home. Kailash and Aarav arrives there.

Katha takes Kavita aside and gives her the bangle which the latter gave her saying her need is fulfilled. Reet and Kailash watches this. Kavita refuses to accept the bangles but Katha tells that she knows the importance of their parent’s things and says she have to accept this as it’s her’s. Kailash gets emotional hearing it. Kavita accepts the bangle. Reet watches this from far and makes faces. Kailash brings Aarav to Katha and Kavita. Katha says to Aarav they are leaving which upsets the latter. Kavita says as a kid she also wishes to go to her grandparent’s house often and she hope’s Aarav visit them again. Aarav takes blessings from both Kavita and Kailash then leaves with Katha. Kailash gets emotional. Kavita looks happy. Other side Viaan hears the doorbell and thinks it’s Teji so asks is she is there? He don’t get any response which confuses Viaan. Ehsan comes there. He senses Viaan is still upset so he acts like a mother of Viaan and brings a smile on Viaan’s face. He then tells Viaan since childhood they both knows each other well and they had fight too but in the end forget and reconciled their relationship. He knows Viaan more than anyone but sometimes even he also let his emotion to control him and that’s what happened so asks Viaan to forget whatever happened and move on from it.

Ehsan tells Viaan that he talked Katha and she doesn’t want to work with them anymore so they can’t leave the project leave just like that. They have to find a project head so he have brought some CVs with him and gives Viaan the file and tells they have a board meeting tomorrow for that presentation AV also they have to see it. Viaan obliges. He checks the CVs and complains to Ehsan none of the candidates are meeting the job’s requirements. Ehsan says to Viaan not only job requirements but the candidate should meet his requirements right. Viaan nods yes. Ehsan says that Viaan is basically looking for Katha. He then says Katha is magical and Jitu is right about Katha being the soul of the project but now they don’t have any other option but to replace someone to compensate it. Meanwhile Katha and Aarav is sitting in a road side bench having Kulfi. Aarav expresses his joy of meeting Kailash. He also happily says that Kailash and him like Virat Kohli. He then talks about the food items that were in the party but he likes to have Kulfi. Katha shares Aarav a memory of Adi and herself and says to him he is exactly like his father which makes Aarav happy.

Viaan suggests Ehsan to play the AV which they are going to present in the board meeting. The AV plays when he sees Katha’s introduction part Viaan recalls the way she put forth her ideas related to the project and gets lost in it. Ehsan expresses that he misses Katha. Teji and Farah comes to the house. They both praises Katha for being a brave woman and decides to take Katha’s number from Kavita. They both then decides to help Katha by giving her a job in Earth Con. Regarding this matter they decides to talk to both Viaan and Ehsan. Both of them goes to Viaan’s room and they both starts praising Katha for being a brave single mother also being positive. Teji and Farah have trouble to remember Katha’s name and Teji says it’s Kavya. Ehsan says their company missing their Kavya too. Teji and Farah says Kavita’s widow daughter in law is an architect too. Teji says her name is not Kavya. She then gets surprised seeing the AV in which Katha is there. She says they met her only. Viaan and Ehsan gets confused. Viaan says her name is Katha. Farah and Teji tells them both that Katha is a single mother whose son was diagnosed by blood cancer and she arranged the treatment money without anyone’s help and saved her son shocking Viaan and Ehsan. Viaan moves aside recalling Katha’s request to avail her a loan also whatever happened afterwards and starts breathing heavily. Meanwhile Ehsan tells both Teji and Farah they must have had a misunderstanding because Katha is single not a single mother but Farah and Teji tells Ehsan he is wrong. Ehsan looks on shocked and confused.

Precap: Viaan goes to Katha and opens his mouth to apologise to her but Katha refuses to listen and walks away from him. Viaan shouts and pleads him to listen to her saying that he doesn’t know she is a single mother and her son was diagnosed by blood cancer and she was fighting all this while alone. Katha gets shocked and stares at Viaan.

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