Katha Ankahee 20th December 2022 Written Update: Katha begs with Kailash

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The episode starts with Yuvaraj goes towards Katha saying Kailash he won’t but Kailash stops him. Kailash then goes to Katha and asks her is she not ashamed that she coming here even after he has thrown her out from the house. Katha reminds him about his words not to help even if Aarav’s health worsens and today Aarav is fighting for his life so pleads with him to help her. Yuvaraj gets furious. Kailash asks Katha to not to create a scene infront of his staff’s then leaves the room. Katha follows him and asks him to even confirm with his wife about Aarav’s health and pleads him to help her. She further apologises to him for whatever the mistakes she made and pleads him to help Aarav because he didn’t done anything wrong with him. She also adds that she don’t have any one else except Aarav so if anything happens to him then she don’t know what will happen to her also. Kailash shouts at Katha and holds her responsible for Adi’s death then asks her to die with Aarav if she fails to save him then leaves the place in his car with Yuvraj. Katha gets shocked. She then walks on the road and almost gets hit by a vehicle. She then notices the message from an insurance company so she calls it’s agent.

Katha meets Sanjeev and the latter asks her why did she called him here. Katha talks about the message that related to insurance and says she wants to talk about it and makes him sit next to her. She then tells Sanjeev that she has a friend who is also having similar policy like her’s. She wants to know if anything happens to her friend then the insurance company will give her son two crores right? Sanjeev asks her is her son is a Nomineee also is there any one else is her friend’s insurance’s Nominee like husband or any other family members. Katha tells him it’s her son only. Sanjeev tells her then her friend’s son will get the money. Katha tells Sanjeev her friend’s son is ill and he needs money for the treatment. She further adds that her friend informed her that the day before she almost get into an accident so if by chance her life ends then her son will get the money right? Sanjeev tells Katha if the death is natural then her son will get the money for sure but if incase the insurance company grows suspicious of her death and senses its similar to suicide or murder then definitely the legal proceedings will start and tells her she knows well how long it will take though. Katha nods her head. She then asks what if her friend’s death happens because of accident then her friend will get the money for sure right. Sanjeev tells her planned accident will come under either suicide or murder right. Then definitely it’s not possible or easy for her friend’s son to get money. He understands Katha is asking this information for her. So he indirectly advices her to not to take such decisions because her friend’s son will end up becoming alone after he loses his mother then leaves the place.

Katha boards in an auto rickshaw and asks the driver to take her to the hospital. She then receives a call from Nivedita who taunts her for forgetting to finish her work in happiness because she got promoted. Katha gets frustrated but apologises to Nivedita also assures to send the details. She then instructs the auto driver to take her to her home. Katha packs her bags. She notices the shoes which she bought for Aarav. She recalls Aarav’s happiness and gets furious so she throws the shoes away. Other side Viaan goes to his mother and gets upset seeing her health condition. He scolds her for not taking care of herself then pleads her to have medicine. Viaan’s mother tells him that she likes the attention he gives her when she falls ill. Viaan scolds her. Viaan’s mother expresses how she doesn’t like the medicines at all. Viaan plays her favourite song and acts like dancing with a partner. His mother tells Viaan it’s her favourite. Viaan tells him he knows it’s her favourite song. His mother tells him she isn’t talking about the song but about himself. Viaan kisses her forehead and asks her to sleep. He then notices her mother holding a photo frame of her with his late father. He recalls in his childhood despite his pleadings his father left them which makes him furious.

Katha comes to the hospital to meet Aarav. The nurse tells her that Aarav is too weak so she can spend ten minutes with him then leaves the place. Katha goes to Aarav and the latter tries to speak but Katha asks him not to do anything because he should be in his energy saver mode until his magic treatment. Aarav apologises to her for scaring her like this. He also expresses her how much he is scared saying he thought everything is coming to an end. Katha compares their current situation with video game and assures Aarav he will be alright. Aarav pleads with Katha to not to leave his side also tells her he will never leave her side after he recovers. Katha jokes at him about his dream to have a girlfriend. Aarav tells Katha that he is scared to see the medicines also doctor and nurses around him. He then asks Katha whether he will recover or not. Katha assures him about his recovery and asks him not to stress over himself about this. Aarav then cries telling Katha he is scared and pleads her not to leave his side at all. Katha promises him not to leave his side at all. She also tells him that they both are connected with one another and nothing will happen to him. She then makes him sleep. Raeva calls Katha and inquires her about Aarav’s health. Katha tells her that Aarav is scared. Raeva tells her she is now with him so Aarav will feel safe. She then asks her whether she arranged the money for Aarav’s treatment or not. Katha says no. Raeva tells her she has an idea which she will inform her after meeting her then cuts the call. Katha looks on confused.

Precap: Katha tells Raeva if no one can able to help her save her son Aarav then no one can able to console her. Raeva tells her that Viaan can help her. Later Katha meets Viaan and requests him a loan. Viaan questions her how could she think company can provide her such huge amount as loan also asks her the reason behind it. Katha asks him to forget that she asked him this and decides to leave but Aarav tells her he will help her but he wants her to spend a night with him shocking Katha.

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