Katha Ankahee 24th January 2023 Written Update: Ehsan questions Katha

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The episode starts with Ehsan goes to Katha and says that she again refused to answer his calls. Katha says she knows the reason behind him calling her and she don’t want to talk about it. Ehsan expresses his hurt saying he had enough of giving space to friends and asks why did she hide it from him. He also talks about her decision to resign often. He then asks how did she managed it all alone. Katha asks Ehsan to not to think that way and says that she received help. Ehsan calls her liar. Katha says to him hereafter she don’t have to work overtime. She then goes to complete the resigning formalities. The employee asks her to wait for her in her cabin. Katha goes to her cabin and looks around. Viaan enters the cabin. He says to Katha that he is the one who as a CEO to interview the one who wants to resign. Viaan further adds that he felt Katha must be uncomfortable in his cabin so he came to her cabin to complete the formalities.

Katha says it was her room but not now also she is not comfortable around him and it has nothing to with the place they were in. Viaan gets upset hearing. He says to Katha she isn’t resigning on her own will but the circumstances forced her to take such decisions. He then tells her about the anti harassment team inside the company if she wants she can tell them everything and they won’t disclose it to anyone. He is ready to face the consequences and says he don’t want her to resign her job after going through so much just because of him. Katha mocks at him saying he gave wonderful speech and asks can she leave if the exit interview is over. Viaan stops her and requests her to listen to him. Katha agrees. Viaan expresses his regret to Katha for the way treating her in the past because of his own judgment and views about things but he decides to look from her view and asks if he is in Katha’s place then he will not even look at Viaan Raguvanshi’s face for what she has done to him but the Katha who defeated the cancer isn’t someone who can leave her job because of a man like him. She can defeat him too bravely. He also says it’s her project and she has every rights to get back to her work by retaining her resignation decision. Katha gets surprised and gets emotional hearing Viaan’s words. Viaan then leaves the cabin.

The employee informs the team is waiting for her so asks her to come and handover the project. Katha explains the project but her team questions her what will happen if their idea doesn’t work also they don’t have any idea about using sand. Katha says to the team why they are getting scared this much. They have to take a leap of faith in this because client asked and expect them impossible so they have to deliver the same. Her team members says they don’t think they can do this. Nivedita questions about her ideas related to the project to Katha and expresses her concern about the costs. Katha says they have to go with their instincts in this even she isn’t sure whether her all ideas will work on their favor. Sachin asks her to leave her instincts with them so they may also take a leap of faith in this project. Katha gets frustrated and says to the team till date they all worked as a team but hereafter they have to take over. She then tells the team she will give them her pen drive also willing to share a detailed mail later which they can use it for future. Her team members gets upset and leaves.

Katha also gets upset and sad when Jitu bhai requests her to retain her resignation for the sake of the project which is her’s. She then decides to leave but gets stop when she hears the employees discussing with one another how they are going to complete the project without their project head. They also says they may lose the job if they fails to complete the project. One of the employee says he has to pay house EMIs and another one shares his child’s illness because of which his wife resigned the job. He then praises Katha for her efforts and says if she can do this then they have to give their best to deliver the impossible. Katha gets emotional hearing it. She then recalls Viaan’s earlier words and goes to his cabin.

Viaan gets surprised seeing Katha entering his cabin. Katha tells Viaan that she is here to take back her job and not requesting him to return her job. Viaan gets overjoyed and expressed it then seeing Katha’s reactions he remains silent. Katha tells Viaan his earlier speech made her to take this decision. She then tells Viaan to not to think he understands her point of views and says she is a simple woman and they have settle their score today and says she wants him to apologise to her. Viaan agrees. He tries to apologise but Katha interrupts and tells that she wants her to sense his apology through his actions. Viaan gets confused hearing it but obliges. Katha tells Viaan that he has to accept her retain decision with her non negotiable conditions and tells it’s her project which she will complete it on time and she don’t want his interruptions also says she knows how to manage everything.

She further adds that her son is her everything. Viaan says he knows that. Katha then tells Viaan to make sure that she don’t want to work under the employee who physically and emotionally exploited her. Viaan gets upset and sad but obliges. Katha then tells Viaan neither she forgave him nor forgotten everything she returned on her own will and it has nothing to do with him. Viaan nods okay. Katha then goes downstairs and informs her decision to everyone which makes them happy. Ehsan expresses his happiness to Viaan then leaves. Viaan says himself that everyone is happy which means everything is right and smiles sadly.

Precap: Viaan praises those woman who struggles a lot to fulfill their personal life responsibilities also giving them a tough fight in professional front so hereafter Earth Con will make sure none of those employees suffer. Katha gets emotional hearing his speech. Ehsan asks Katha how did she managed to arrange one crore which isn’t a small amount. Katha looks on.

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