Katha Ankahee: Aarav’s outrageous behavior to shock Viaan!

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Sony TV Entertainment’s show Katha Ankahee is currently showing how Katha is worried about Aarav’s reaction learning about Viaan’s return.


In the current track it shows that Katha smiles looking at the designs made by Viaan. Viaan arrives there and tries to convince Katha to give him a chance, which makes Katha cry hard, so Viaan hugs her, but Katha pushes him off. Raghav arrives there and sees Katha’s teary face. Katha lies, and she got emotional seeing the designs. Raghav praises both Katha and Viaan.

Teji shares her regret with Ehsan and Vanya about her earlier behavior. Later, Raghav tells Viaan that he is slowly understanding Viaan’s love for his love of life and also promises to help him reunite with her than leaves with Katha. Ehsan gets upset with Viaan.

Katha shares her worries with Pranav about Aarav’s reaction learning Viaan’s return. She then requests Raghav to delay the meeting of Aarav and Viaan. Raghav agrees. Viaan waits for Katha in the office.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Katha will say to Viaan that she is scared that Aarav may go into depression if he comes to know about Viaan’s return. She will also tell him after so many difficulties that Aarav recovered, so she doesn’t want to risk anything at all.

Aarav will be seen playing with Ruhi during Diwali. Viaan will arrive there. Both Aarav and Viaan will look at each other. Aarav will push Viaan away and shout at him, saying neither Viaan is his father nor he is his son.

He will then start destroying the things around. Katha and Raghav will rush to Aarav. Katha will try to calm down Aarav. Raghav will take Aarav inside. Ruhi will follow him inside. Viaan will look stunned while Katha will stare at Viaan.

What will happen now? Will Raghav and his family get to know about Viaan and Katha’s past?

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