“Katha Ankahee Bids Adieu to the audience next month

In a surprising turn of events, Sony TV’s beloved show, Katha Ankahee, is set to bid farewell to its audience next month, with the last episode slated to air on December 1st. This exclusive update has left fans in shock and sorrow as they grapple with the news of their favorite show concluding its journey.

The primary reason behind this unexpected departure, according to reports, is a decline in TRP (Television Rating Points). The show faced a challenge when it was moved to a new time slot at 7 pm, a slot that has been dubbed as a “dead slot” for several months. The shift seems to have impacted the viewership negatively, contributing to the decision to take the show off the air.


Fans, deeply saddened by the news, have initiated a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #ExtendKathaAnkahee, expressing their desire to see the show continue. The outcry on social media reflects the strong emotional connection the audience has developed with the captivating storyline over time.

Katha Ankahee initially garnered immense attention on social media platforms, thanks to its engaging plot that kept viewers hooked. However, recent changes in the storyline, including the introduction of new characters, have led to a decrement in the show’s popularity and points. The sudden shift in narrative might have contributed to the decline in the show’s TRP, further impacting its fate.

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the extension of the show. The possibility remains open, contingent upon a potential increase in TRP in the upcoming weeks. Fans are holding onto the hope that their collective efforts on Twitter will catch the attention of the decision-makers and prompt a reconsideration.

Sony TV, on the other hand, seems to be gearing up for a fresh start in January with the launch of a new show. The network’s decision to introduce a new program might have played a role in the fate of Katha Ankahee, especially when the show was moved to a less favorable time slot.

The future of Katha Ankahee became somewhat predictable with the channel’s strategic decisions, leaving fans anxious about what lies ahead. As the show approaches its final episode, viewers are left wondering if there’s a twist in the tale or if this farewell marks the end of an era for Katha Ankahee. Only time will tell what awaits this beloved show and its dedicated fanbase.