Katha Ankahee: Katha and Viaan’s breathtaking performance

Yet again marvelous performance by Adnan Khan and Aditi Dev. Both the actors nailed the most recent confrontation scene. As Viaan and Katha the actors giving spine chilling performance.

Viaan learned Katha’s helplessness on arranging the money. He regrets his action (one night stand offer). Katha’s impactful performance during the confrontation scene was enjoyed.

Fans tagged Katha as current strongest ITV female lead. Here is what twitteraties quote on Katha Ankahee:

“And this is why the show deserves to be watched. Handling dark themes well is something not so simple and ITV doing it seems like a disaster in waiting, but this was good. Regarding the performances, I think Aditi was great and Adnan too was convincing enough. #KathaAnkahee

#KathaAnkahee This! Katha questioning Viaan, as to why he thinks that buying a woman for one one night is wrong only when the woman is a helpless mother! He wouldn’t be guilty if Katha wasn’t a mother! Kudos to the dialouge writer

Vian cud not even listen to what Katha was saying. It was piercing him like a 1000 swords. Guilt loaded! Katha, they showed a strong woman. Thank u ITV!! No shame, nothing! She had tried every right means for the money & time was running out. Guilt free! #KathaAnkahee

This scene!! The way the dialogues have been written & executed was fab! Simple details with high impact, he came without even wearing his footwear – stress & guilt Vian is going thru! Katha’s strong comeback that he shud never forgive himself for this #KathaAnkahee

#KathaAnkahee this was bomb and the best part is that buying a woman who works so hard came for a loan is fine but it’s a crime to buy a mother who is in dire need of money for his son and yes katha has no guilt for that…. the writers of this show

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