Katha Ankahee: Viaan to write an apology note for Katha!

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Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Ankahee is a newly launched Sony Tv show. This show is about how a widow also a single mother Katha doing multiple works to earn money for her Son Aarav’s medical treatment who is diagnosed by a blood cancer and a business man Viaan who thinks women are with men for his money.

Now that Katha looks for another job while Viaan realises he made a huge mistake so gets determined to do rectify it so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in future episodes.

In the current track it shown that Katha wakes up and hears the final announcement so leaves taking her luggage to board on the plane. After reaching India, Viaan pleads with Katha to listen to him but the latter threatens to call the security so Viaan leaves her hand and gets sad. Kailash wakes up and realises that Kavita left him after finding the note she left for him and becomes sad.

Katha pleads with Chandra sir to help her get a new job as she is desperate. Chandra tells her he will try. Aarav gets happy seeing Katha. Katha informs him about her plans to go for a picnic which makes Aarav happy. Nirija refuses to go to picnic so Aarav goes to get ready. Viaan goes to office. Ehsan enquires him about his meeting with Abdali also Katha’s whereabouts.

Viaan tells Katha went home to take rest which surprises Ehsan and praises Viaan for allowing this things. Both Viaan and Ehsan gets upset finding Katha’s number is switch off. Katha takes Aarav to her and Aditya’s favorite place and shares with Aarav about the dreams they had together. Here Viaan regrets his actions and then gets Katha’s address and become hopeful to rectify his mistake.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Viaan will visit Katha’s house. He will write an apology note for Katha also plead her to give him a second chance in it. Nirija will hide her smile from Viaan when try to sneak Viaan’s note for Katha.

Later Nirija will inform Katha about Viaan’s visit. Katha will get confused. Later Katha will get shocked and upset finding Viaan near her house through her room window.

Will Katha accept Viaan’s apology?

Will Viaan get Katha’s forgiveness?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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