Katha Ankahee: WHAT! Raghav to learn about Katha-Viaan’s past?

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Sony TV Entertainment’s show Katha Ankahee is currently showing how Viaan is trying to melt Katha’s emotions and bring her back in his life. Meanwhile, Katha tries not to give into Viaan’s plea.


In the current track it shows that Viaan gives importance to Katha during the party despite Katha’s attempt to change his mind. Once Raghav leaves, Katha pleads with Viaan not to give her hard time and move on because Aarav is going through a hard time, so their reunion is impossible. But Viaan feels that he could win Aarav’s heart sooner or later.

Vanya and Ehsan are on their way to attend Viaan’s Diwali party. Ehsan advises Vanya not to interfere in Viaan’s personal matter, which irritates Vanya. Ehsan tries to lift up Vanya’s mood. He then gives into Vanya’s request to attend the party.

Raghav’s parents suggest Teji find a lady for Viaan, but Teji refuses, saying Viaan’s heart is still stuck with his love. Aarav calls Ruhi to learn about Katha’s whereabout but gets annoyed by Ruhi’s attempt to make him jealous, so he disconnects the line. Vanya gets happy seeing Katha at the party. Viaan joins the conversation of Raghav with Vanya and Ehsan about marriage, which makes Katha uncomfortable.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Raghav will say to Viaan that he understands his love for the women and asks her name. Viaan will take Katha’s name, which will tense Katha while Raghav looks clueless.

Viaan will see Katha alone. He will plead with Katha to give him a chance to make everything right. Katha will cry hard. Viaan will hug Katha. Raghav will search for Katha. Katha will push Viaan away from her and look worried.

Will Katha give into Viaan’s plea? How will Raghav react seeing Katha and Viaan together?

To know what’s happening next, stay tuned to this space for more.