Kausati Zindagi Kay 22nd Aug 2019 written update:- Prerna develops a soft corner for Rishab

The episode starts with Mohini mocking bajaj’s Maasi over something while Tanvi gets skeptical. Tanvi questions Sharda of the same who leaves to enquire Mohini the reason for her behavior.

Mohini taunts Sharda and reveals a few photographs to her from the party. It’s revealed that its Sharda who cut the rope of the chandelier and the blame goes on Veena. Mohini remembers overhearing the photographer speaking on phone about the proofs he has and gets it from him paying a large amount. She asks Mohini the reason for her hatred for Rishab but Mohini remains calm and fails to reveal anything to her. Mohini’s son in law passes by their room and overhears their conversation but Mohini sees him on time. Sharda takes up the chance and leaves the room before Mohini could question her further. Mohini scolds him for interrupting their conversation while he leaves.

In the police station, Prerna requests the police to release her mom as she’s innocent but the police deny doing so. Her whole family fights with police and police reveal its Sharda who lodged the complaint and asks them to deal with her.

Anupam keeps thinking about the conversation he overheard when he gets Anurag call. Anurag asks him about their business meetings but he misunderstands it to Prerna problem. Later he realizes his mistake and tries to dodge the topic but Anurag keeps pestering him.

Finally, he reveals about Rishab’s accident and Prerna’s mother getting arrested. He gets all mad and Anupam tries to control him but in vain. Anurag books tickets for the next flight and expresses his dislike for Prerna. He says that he tried hating her but couldn’t do so but at the same time will never like her. He remembers her insulting his love in front of everyone but says that he’ll stand by her no matter what.

Shivani blames Prerna and her Sasural for her Maa’s condition followed by Suman. After they both leave Shekhar to apologize to Prerna for his behavior while Prerna assures him that she’ll get her maa bailed out at any cost.
Prerna in the car remembers her moments with her mother and cries. She reaches her mother’s company and enquires them about the accident. They reveal that Mr. Bajaj kept a condition to involve her mother in the projec6 if they want the contract and they did as per his saying.

Prerna once again misunderstands Mr. Bajaj and blames him for insulting her mother knowingly while the company’s owner says against it. He explains the goodness of Mr. Bajaj and how he wanted her mother to be independent. Prerna remembers her times with Rishab and him praising her mother for being independent. She remembers misunderstanding him and feels guilty. She thanks the owner and leaves to the hospital to visit Rishab.

Prerna after reaching the hospital apologizes to an unconscious Rishab for misunderstanding him. She keeps a hand on him and admires him with love.

Precap: Sharda gets confused about whether to release Veena or not while Mohini asks her to let her be on jail