Kavin and Venba to share a moment: Chithi 2

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SunTv’s popular show Chithi2 has been entertaining it’s audience since it’s first episode. Fans loves Kavin and Venba pairing and the chemistry between these two. Currently viewers are witnessing Mallika constantly creating hurdles for Kavin and Venba.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Mallika vowed to prevent Kavin and Venba from getting a house for rent. Ravi called Anbu to ask money. Nandhini lashed out at him and disconnected the call. Venba learned about and got disappointed. Venba decided to sell her gold nuptial chain to pay the advance money of the house. But Kavin and Ravi opposed this. However Venba succeeded to convince them. She removed her gold nuptial chain and told Kavin to tie the the yellow nuptial thread around her neck. Kavin did so. Venba mortgaged that chain and got eighty thousand rupees for a high intrest.

Meanwhile Anbu was worried for Venba and Kavin. He prayed to God that they should get a house for rent very soon. Nandhini fumed heraing this and cursed Venba and Kavin. Anbu got angry and argued with Nandhini. He reminded Nandhini that Venba got loan for this house. It’s Venba’s house which angered Nandhini.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Kavin and Venba will finally find a house for rent after lot of struggle. Kavin and Venba will decide to celebrate their victory. They will share a romantic moment.

Now it will be interesting to see what Mallika will do against Kavin and Venba and how they will takle this.

Will Kavin and Venba win the challenge against Mallika? What is stored ahead for them in the show?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Keep checking this page for more update of your favorite Tamil shows.