Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th June 2024 Written Update: Kavya in critical condition

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya asking Vinay not to choose this way and says this will take him on the wrong path. Vinay puts the gun down. Kavya pushes the gun away. Kavya says to Vinay that she will help him. The police come to arrest Vinay. Kavya asks Vinay not to worry and says nothing will happen to him. The police take Vinay away from there. Anjali hugs Kavya. Kavya asks Anjali is she is alright. Anjali says yes.

Adi comes and asks Kavya if she is alright. Kavya says yes. Adi notices the blood at Kavya’s feet and shows it to Kavya. Kavya sees the blood and loses consciousness.

Adi and Anjali are shown to be admitting Kavya in the hospital. Rajiv and Malini come to the hospital and they ask Adi if Kavya is alright. The doctor asks Adi to come to her.

Adi asks the doctor what is Kavya’s condition. The doctor says the baby is in distress. The doctor says Kavya is in this condition due to exhaustion and says Kavya has walked 8 floors and Kavya put her life and the baby’s life in danger.

The doctor says to Adi that they need A -ve blood for Kavya only then will she be saved. The doctor says there is a curfew near the blood bank. Adi says he will go and get blood.

Anjali asks Adi what is Kavya’s condition. Adi tries to leave but Anjali stops Adi. Adi asks Anjali not to stop him if not he might tell something to her that he will not able to take it back. Adi leaves from there. Rajiv asks Anjali why would Adi speak like that.

Giriraj comes to meet Vinay Mathur in the police station and talks to him. Giriraj confirms that Vinay hasn’t told anyone about him and he asks Vinay to keep his mouth shut only then will he get his money and says she will also arrange the bail for him. Vinay agrees. Giriraj leaves from there.

Anubha sees Giriraj and asks Giriraj what is he doing here. Giriraj says he came to meet Vinay Mathur. Anubha comments on Giriraj. Giriraj leaves from there.

Anjali says to Rajiv and Malini what happened. Rajiv after learning about what happened blames Anjali for Kavya’s condition and comments on her.

Adi comes to the cops and says to the cops that he has to go to the blood bank. The cops says there are riots going on there. Adi still says he has to go there to save his son.

Giriraj asks Viplav to bring all the files to his cabin regaining the teachers list money transaction. Viplav agrees and leaves from there.

Anubha interrogates Vinay Mathur to find out why did he threaten Anjali Bansal with a gun for Rs 20 Lakhs but he doesn’t reveal anything.

Adi gets injured in the riots but he still gets blood to the hospital. Adi after coming to the hospital learns that Kavya has regained consciousness and Shubh gave his blood to Kavya and due to it Kavya and the baby are fine.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Anubha says to Giriraj he is under arrest for selling government jobs. Giriraj says he will only be arrested after Anjali Bansal is arrested.

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