Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 14th November 2023 Written Update: Adi learns about Giriraj’s deeds

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 14th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya accusing Adi of sending Rajiv to jail. Kavya comments on Adi as he gave Navya’s stethoscope and lab coat and put bribe money in the lab coat.


Anjali thanks Shubh and his mother for being there for them in these troubled times. Shubh’s mother asks Anjali not to worry about food and says she will send it. Shubh sends his mother. Shubh’s mother says he is doing the right thing by being in Kavya’s parents good books. Shubh says he is really concerned for them and says he is not acting.

Adi asks Kavya to explain clearly what is going on? Kavya clearly explains to Adi how he put money in Navya’s lab coat and his father is arrested due to finding bribe money in the lab coat. Kavya comments on Adi and leaves from there.

Malini sees Kavya crying and comforts her. Kavya asks Malini why do people always close to the heart hurt them. Malini says people hurt other people but people close to their heart when they hurt us the scars will be deep. Malini asks Kavya if Adi did something. Kavya says Adi is not that close to hurt her heart.

Giriraj complaints to commissioner about Kavya over the phone. Adi comes and asks Giriraj how low will he go? Adi comments on Giriraj as he put money in Navya’s lab coat to frame Rajiv. Omi defends Giriraj and argues with Adi. Giriraj stops their argument and sends Omi away.

Giriraj comments on Adi and says for truth there needs to be evidence. Adi asks Giriraj if he didn’t do anything wrong why did he complaint against Kavya. Giriraj reminds Adi how Kavya brought kids into their house. Adi convinces Giriraj to give back the electricity to the orphanage.

Alka teaches English to the kids of the orphange. Omi scolds Alka. Kavya comments on Omi. Giriraj comes and says to Kavya that he ordered the power department to give electricity to the orphanage. The kids thank Giriraj. The kids later leave from there. Giriraj asks Kavya what did she get by doing all of this? Kavya says she knows he framed Rajiv as revenge against her. Giriraj asks Kavya if she has any proof of it. Kavya says she will find it soon. Kavya says she only needs to prove that it is the decision taken by her superiors. Kavya says she will find that written order soon.

Adi says to Malini how Giriraj framed Kavya’s father. Malini decides to talk to Giriraj. Adi stops Malini and says to Malini it’s no use talking to Giriraj.

Adi says to Malini how he saw pain in Kavya’s eyes but she is still fighting for others. Adi says he wish he could ask Kavya what can I do for her. Malini asks Adi to go and ask Kavya what can he do for her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Giriraj asks Rajiv’s superior to burn all the files or remove them. Rajiv’s superior is shown to be burning the files.

Kavya is shown to be meeting a government officer.

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