Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th November 2023 Written Update: Kavya gets emotional

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 15th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya recalling how Rajiv has gone to jail. Shubh comes to Kavya. Shubh asks Kavya why hasn’t she attended his call. Kavya says she is tired and says to Shubh not now. Shubh agrees.


Kavya gets a letter from electricity department about Rajiv Bansal. Kavya sees that it is Rajiv’s suspension letter and gets emotional. Kavya hugs Shubh. Adi sees Kavya hugging Shubh and thinks Shubh and Kavya got together. Kavya suddenly feels Adi’s presence and goes to check it out. Adi hides from Kavya. Shubh asks Kavya what happened? Kavya says she suddenly feels as if someone close to her came to her. Kavya says she suddenly felt comfort. Shubh says he is her comfort. Kavya gets away from Shubh. Sanjiv comes to Adi. Adi makes Sanjiv hide from Kavya. Kavya asks Shubh to leave and thanks him for his help. Kavya also leaves from there.

Sanjiv asks Adi about his love story with Kavya. Adi says it ended before it started and teases Sanjiv. Sanjiv later leaves from there.

Anjali misses Rajiv and gets emotional thinking how can they celebrate Diwali without Rajiv. Kavya tries to cheer up Anjali and makes her eat sweets.

Sanjiv asks Adi why does he always becomes the scapegoat for something he didn’t do. Sanjiv says they should drink alcohol to forget about it. Adi gets an idea hearing this and decides to drink with Omi to find out what really happened behind his back.

Omi couldn’t sleep due to Alka moving around on the bed. Omi gets out of bed. Adi acts as if he is drunk infront of Omi. Adi asks Omi if Alka finally threw him out of this house. Adi says to Omi that they are going to completely get drunk tonight and forget about their problems.

Adi makes Omi drink alcohol while he acts as if he is drinking with him but he pours his alcohol aside.

Kavya comes to Anjali and sees that she is sleeping. Kavya kisses Anjali and tucks her. Kavya vows to herself to bring Rajiv out of jail before Diwali.

Mayank says to Kavya that in this kind of tension he feels like it’s good to have a cigarette. Kavya hearing this makes a paper as if a cigarette and asks Mayank to think of it as a cigarette. Mayank asks Kavya about Rajiv’s suspension showing her the letter. Mayank asks Kavya if Rajiv will be released.

Adi says to Omi that he defeated him with a single ploy and ended his love story. Omi hearing this asks Adi to hit him saying he made a mistake. Adi says he knows he didn’t do this himself. Omi agrees and says he only did it as Giriraj asked him to do it. Adi records Omi’s confession.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya says to Adi that her father is in jail all due to him and says to Adi that she will bring her father out of jail no matter what.

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