Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 Written Update: Mayank convinces Kavya to go to Giriraj Pradhan’s house

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya saying to Rajiv that she hasn’t said yes to the marriage with Shubh. Kavya says to Rajiv and Anjali how she feels saying her heart is not accepting Shubh. Anjali tries to convince Kavya that Shubh has changed and asks Kavya to give him a chance. Kavya apologises and says she can’t do this marriage.

Adi asks Malini to bring some food to him. Malini asks Giriraj if he is happy that he destroyed his son’s life.

Rajiv also tries to convince Kavya to marry Shubh. Anjali also does the same.

Malini comments on Giriraj as he destroyed his son’s life. Giriraj reminds Malini that he is the father of Adi and he would never want to destroy Adi’s life.

Kavya says to Rajiv and Anjali that her heart can never accept Shubh.

Malini says to Giriraj that the truth is that from when Kavya has gone against him he sees Malini in Kavya and he couldn’t accept it. Giriraj says to Malini that whatever he is doing is for the well-being of Adi. Giriraj says Kavya will only bring pain in Adi’s life like she brought as she took away the most important thing in his life. Giriraj reminds Malini that she took away his eldest’s son life in her obsession to be an IAS officer.

Sanjiv and Mayank talk about bringing Kavya and Adi together. Sanjiv says there is a Diwali function tomorrow. Sanjiv asks Mayank to bring Kavya to Giriraj Pradhan’s house. Mayank agrees.

Kavya recalls what happened. Giriraj sees Adi sleeping and recalls Malini’s words. Kavya comes to her room and sleeps in between them.

Kavya hugs Anjali. Anjali asks Kavya what is she thinking about. Kavya asks Anjali why are they trying to send her away and says she will not get the comfort that she is feeling from them. Anjali explains to Kavya and says the society will only blame the girl if the marriage breaks apart and says she doesn’t want to be held responsible by society again. Anjali asks Kavya if she loves someone. Kavya says there is nothing like that.

Alka calls Kavya and invites Kavya to the Diwali party. Alka asks Kavya if she is coming. Kavya apologises and says she isn’t coming. Kavya says to Anusha that there is a Diwali party in Giriraj Pradhan’s house and asks Anusha to go to the party.

Kavya asks Mayank to give him bread and butter. Mayank gives Anusha bread and butter. Anusha gives it to Kavya.

Kavya brings Mayank to a side and asks why is he upset with her. Mayank asks Kavya why is she upset from yesterday. Kavya says she is upset with this marriage. Mayank asks Kavya why isn’t she saying that she doesn’t want to do this marriage. Kavya later shares her suspicion with Mayank as Shubh didn’t do anything himself. Kavya says she still can’t believe that Shubh was able to bring that letter from Giriraj Pradhan. Mayank says they can find out the truth by going to Giriraj’s house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya, Adi, and Shubh are shown to be in a party. Kavya and Adi are shown to be dancing for a song. Adi is about to kiss Kavya but Giriraj comes and interrupts them.

Giriraj reminds Kavya that she and Adi don’t have the same tastes, neither same upbringing. Giriraj asks Kavya what will she achieve by marrying Adi. Kavya thanks Giriraj and leaves from there.

Kavya thanks Shubh and says she realises she loves Adi. Kavya comes to Adi.

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