Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 30th January 2024 Written Update: Adi takes a stand for Rajiv

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 30th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rajiv realises his situation. Rajiv asks Kavya if she has brought him here to humiliate him. Kavya stays silent. Omi plays the music with the remote. One of the guests tries to make Rajiv dance but Kavya asks the guests to stop. The guests doesn’t stop. Kavya slaps him and sends him.

Rajiv feels humiliated by what happened. Rajiv comments on it to his family. Rajiv’s family try to take him away but he doesn’t move from there saying he has already been humiliated.

Adi comments on the people who humiliated Rajiv. Adi gets dressed as a lady and dances on the floor. Mayank showing Adi to Rajiv says to Rajiv that his son in law is taking revenge for him.

Adi takes Rajiv with him and says to all the guests that they did this performance for the women in their lives. Adi shows Rajiv the women Anjali, Kavya, and Malini. Malini apologises to Rajiv for what happened. Adi says to Rajiv that he was really humiliated today and says from today onwards if someone tries to humiliate him again he will not stay calm. Rajiv leaves from there.

Kavya hugs Adi and thanks Adi for what he has done to save his father’s reputation. Kavya says to Adi that she loves him.

Kavya tries to stop Rajiv from leaving. Rajiv asks Kavya if she asked him to come here to humiliate him. Kavya says to Rajiv that she and Adi didn’t know this would happen. Kavya reminds Rajiv how Adi supported her by going against his family. Rajiv says to Kavya that he will not believe that Adi supported him without a motive. Rajiv says to Kavya that this is a conspiracy and she is part of this conspiracy. Rajiv says to Kavya that she proved today that they haven’t said farewell to her daughter but she lost his daughter. Rajiv comments on Kavya and leaves from there.

Kavya recalls what happened and has tears in her eyes. Adi dances with Kavya to cheer her up. Kavya shares with Adi how close her relationship is with her father.

Giriraj asks his servants who made Rajiv’s tea. Everybody stays silent. One of the servants looks at Omi. Omi signals the servant to stay silent. Giriraj asks Omi to fire all
The servants. Omi asks Giriraj to calm down and says he will find out who did it. Omi sends the servants away. Giriraj asks Omi if he is behind Rajiv being humiliated.

Kavya says to Adi that God might be jealous if she gets both his love and her father’s love so he took one of it away. Kavya says to Adi that she will get back together with her father and asks Adi if he will help her. Adi agrees.

Omi asks Giriraj what is he saying. Giriraj says to Omi that right now Rajiv is their in law and if his name gets stained then the dirt will also be thrown on them. Giriraj asks Omi to find out who did it. Omi agrees and leaves from there.

Kavya sees the CCTV camera. Kavya calls Santu and confirms that the CCTV camera works and she asks him to take her to the CCTV footage room. Santu agrees and takes Kavya to the CCTV room.

Omi comes to the CCTV footage room and deletes all of the videos of today. Omi sees Kavya coming so he hides from her. Kavya notices the video has been deleted and thinks who Rajiv might have met.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya learns from Santu that Sohan gave spiked tea to Rajiv under Omi’s instructions.

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