Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 4th June 2024 Written Update: Kavya and Adi get a lead

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The episode starts with Kavya trying to call her mother but Anjali doesn’t attend her call. Malini asks Kavya if she is alright. Kavya says nothing is alright. Kavya says today she hurt someone who is responsible for her life. Kavya says she is talking about Anjali. Malini comforts Kavya saying everything will be alright. Adi says to Kavya they will cheer up Anjali and asks Kavya not to worry.

Santu comes and gives good news that her brother has regained consciousness. Kavya asks Santu if he said anything. Santu says he is only taking one person’s name and it is Manohar Rangila the guy who opened crackers factory in that school. Kavya and Adi recall that Manohar Rangila’s name is in the teacher’s list. Adi and Kavya think Manohar has put in fake bio data for the teacher’s list. Kavya has health issues due to her pregnancy. Adi seeing that Kavya doesn’t have the medicine given by the doctor. It is shown Anjali accidentally puts Kavya’s medicine in her purse.

Adi and Kavya come to the doctor about Kavya’s condition. The doctor reprimands Kavya for not taking care of herself. The doctor says to Kavya that she has to be careful for the baby and leaves from there. Adi also reprimands Kavya for not taking caring of herself.

Anubha comes to the hospital to meet Kavya. Kavya introduces Anubha to meet Adi. Adi gets surprised learning that Anubha is Shubh’s fiance. Kavya later talks to Anubha about Manohar. Anubha says she took Santu’s brother statement but he has gone silent when the name of Manohar Rangila came out. Adi and Kavya say to Anubha that they have to prove Manohar Rangila is fake.

The next day, Anubha comes to Shubh and reveals to Shubh that Kavya is trying to prove Manohar Rangila is fake to prove that all the teacher’s list is fake. Shubh thanks Anubha and sends her away.

Kavya calls Anubha to her cabin and praises Anubha for her pretty face. Kavya says she could have her way with that pretty face of hers. Anubha says she achieved her position through hard work not through this pretty face. Kavya says these words are what Shubh said about her. Kavya asks Anubha to trust herself and have some respect for herself. Anubha says to Shubh that her relationship with her mother is better only due to Shubh. Kavya comments on Anubha and asks Anubha to be proud of herself.

Shubh passes the information to Mishra. Giriraj says to Mishra that Manohar Rangila should not be caught by Adi and Kavya within the next 24 hrs. Mishra agrees and leaves from there.

Vinay Mathur comes to Giriraj and writes the cheque on Anjali Bansal’s name and gives it to Giriraj.

Kavya and Adi meet Anubha in the night and says to Anubha that they are going to raid Manohar Rangila Godown the next morning. Anubha agrees. Anubha passes yeh information to Shubh. Shubh thanks Anubha. Adi sees Kavya has fever and sends her away.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Adi is shown to be fighting with the goons and Kavya comes to help Adi. The Goon pushes Kavya to the ground

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