Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 5th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya refuses to marry Shubh

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 5th December 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Anjali asking Kavya to calm down. Anjali says to Kavya that she is worried about her as Kavya was going to destroy her life thinking about Adi. Anjali asks Kavya why did she suddenly change her mind. Giriraj says to Anjali that it’s because of Adhiraj Pradhan. Kavya asks Rajiv how does he know about it. Rajiv says to Kavya how Giriraj came here and accused him of sending Kavya to elope with Adi. Rajiv asks Kavya what is going on in between them. Kavya says to Rajiv that Adi came to stop her and asked her not to sacrifice her career for him as he doesn’t want to become an IAS officer. Mayank praises Adi. Rajiv comments on Adi saying Adi doesn’t need to work as an IAS officer as his father can take care of him. Kavya says to Rajiv that if Adi was like his father he wouldn’t have come to stop her.


Kavya sees the message sent by Adi. Adi is shown to be on cloud 9 as Kavya accepted her love. Rajiv asks Kavya to stay away from Giriraj Pradhan and his son.

Kavya asks Rajiv if they will feel bad if she says no to Jayadeep uncle. Rajiv says they will feel bad if she yes as Shubh is nothing like his father. Kavya feels relieved hearing this.

Jayadeep says to Shubh that Kavya hasn’t gone to the academy. Shubh feels relieved hearing this. Kavya comes with her family to Jayadeep uncle. Kavya apologises to Jayadeep as she couldn’t fulfill the promise that she made to him. Kavya says she couldn’t marry Shubh. Kavya expresses her opinion to Jayadeep. Gowri criticises Kavya. Kavya says to Shubh that she used to love him in the past but he lost her respect with his actions.

Adi says to Malini about Kavya accepting his love. Malini decides to gift bangles to Kavya. Adi asks Malini to calm down and Kavya still has bangles that signify her marriage with Shubh.

Kavya leaves the decision to Jayadeep and says she will accept his decision whatever it is no matter what. Jayadeep takes off the bangles from Kavya’s hand and says to Kavya that he has now taken off handcuffs and he is giving her freedom back to her. Jayadeep says to Kavya that he is proud of her.

Omi comes to Giriraj and says to Giriraj that Kavya was going to the academy to give up her post for Adi but Adi went after Kavya to stop her. Omi says to Giriraj that if Kavya becomes their house daughter in law everything will be destroyed. Omi says to Giriraj that no matter how much they try to hide Kavya will find out about the truth. Omi asks Giriraj to save her. Giriraj says Kavya is just a fly which he can kill whenever he wants.

Rajiv thanks Jayadeep. Jayadeep asks Kavya to live her life from now on. Shubh says to Rajiv that Kavya did all of this for Adi and he knows what will happen if Kavya married Adi.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya asks Adi to leave saying her father might be here anytime. Adi agrees and leaves from there.

Rajiv stops Adi and asks Adi to stay away from Kavya.

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