Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 5th June 2024 Written Update: Adi and Kavya foil Giriraj’s ploy

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 5th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Shubh calling Manohar and asking him if the godown is vacant or not. Manohar says all the goods have been shifted to a different place and thanks Shubh for the information. Shubh cuts the call.

Kavya sees her security is in the house and she asks them what are they doing here as she asked them to be with Adi at the Godown. Kavya worries about Adi as he is alone at the Godown.

Manohar comes into the Godown and finds the fireworks powder on the floor. Adi lights a match stick and threatens Manohar. Adi asks Manohar how did his name came on the teacher’s list. Manohar’s men round up Adi. Adi fights with them.

Kavya comes to the showdown and sees Adi in trouble. Kavya throws a stick at Manohar. Adi sees Kavya has come to the Godown.

Manohar tries to escape and Kavya tries to stop him. Manohar pushes Kavya to the ground and tries to escape but Kavya’s security stops him. Adi comes and asks Kavya if she is alright. Kavya says she is alright as she put her hand forward when she was falling. Adi asks Kavya why did she come to the Godown. Adi argues with Kavya about it.

Adi comes to Manohar and lashes out at him as he pushed Kavya. The cops ask Kavya and Adi to sit in their car. Adi later warns the cops not to tell anyone about his arrest.

Adi and Kavya return home. Adi lashes out at Kavya for putting herself in danger. Kavya puts earphones on her stomach so that the kid will not hear their argument. Adi seeing it laughs at Kavya. Adi and Kavya talk to each other. Adi asks Kavya to take care of herself for the baby. Kavya agrees.

The next day, Anubha beats up Manohar. Manohar agrees to give his testimony to the cops. Anubha turns around. Manohar takes the stick and tries to hit Anubha on the back of her head with a stick but Kavya catches the stick and saves Anubha.

Kavya praises Anubha as she got Manohar’s testimony. Anubha asks Kavya from when did she know that Anubha was passing information to Shubh. Kavya says she overheard their conversation. Anubha regrets her actions and she asks Kavya when will she be suspended. Kavya says she will not be suspended as Anubha realised her mistake. Kavya asks Anubha to stop giving her life control to Shubh. Anubha says she will not do it. Kavya comments on it.

Kavya and Adi show Manohar’s statement to the Minister. Anubha comes and shows Manohar’s video testimony to the Minister. Minister after seeing the video cancels the teachers list and asks Kavya to prepare for teachers exam. Kavya agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Anubha says to Giriraj he is under arrest for selling government jobs. Giriraj says he will only be arrested after Anjali Bansal is arrested.

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