Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 7th March 2024 Written Update: Omi gets abducted

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 7th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kavya opening the cupboard and finds a box and in the box, she finds a key chain of Angel Pharma and it is shown to be the box of evidence gathered by Adi against Omi to prove that he is linked to Navya Bansal’s death.

Omi says to the driver that he is going the wrong way and asks him to turn around. The driver points the gun to Omi.

Adi comes to his room and sees that the box is open that he gathered evidence against Omi. Kavya asks Adi if he knew about it. Adi stays silent.

Alka comes to Adi and says to Adi that he can’t find Omi anywhere. Adi goes to Omi’s room and looks around for Omi’s phone and thinks where is Omi. Adi asks Santu if he knows anything about Omi. Santu says he went to look for her as a call came from her office. Alka worries about Omi and goes with Santu to look in the house for Omi.

Kavya asks Adi if he knew that Omi is the one who is behind Navya’s death. Adi says he knows about it. Kavya asks Adi how could he hide this from her. Adi says he is worried about Omi and reminds how Omi nearly committed suicide. Kavya reminds Adi that Omi killed her sister. Kavya asks Adi how can he betray her. Adi reminds Kavya that he always supported her and how he can he suspect for this thing. Kavya says this is not a thing and says this is the reason for her to be an IAS officer. Kavya says to Adi how much her family suffered due to this.

Malini comes and asks Kavya where is Omi as after she questioned Omi he lost consciousness. Malini asks Kavya if she is trying to make him recall the memory that he is trying to forget. Kavya asks Malini if she knew about it.

Adi says Malini knows about it. Kavya comments on Adi and Malini. Kavya says it was her mistake as she became this house’s daughter in law. Malini asks Kavya not to act great and says if she was in her shoes she would have done the same thing. Kavya says she is in her same position and says this is also her family and says Omi is like a brother to her but the only difference is that they never accepted her as part of this family. Kavya says to Adi and Malini that Omi will get punished and she will make sure of it.

Adi pleads with Kavya not to leave him and give him a chance to explain. Kavya doesn’t listen to him and leaves Giriraj Pradhan’s house.

Malini asks Adi to find Omi at any cost. Adi agrees.

Badi Amma calls Anurag and says to Anurah that Kavya has left the house and if Kavya found out about Omi then he will tell his name. Anurag assures Badi Amma that she will not be able to find Omi.

Omi is shown to be tied and he is slapped by Anurag’s men. Omi doesn’t know Anurag’s men abducted him.

Kavya calls her colleague and says to him that she needs the list of all the phone no who called Giriraj Pradhan’s house landline today. The colleague agrees.

Kavya sees that no call has come from their office so she decides to check the CCTV footage of the house.

Episode ends.

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