Kawach 21st September 2019 written update: Angad gets exposed and Prem turns out to be savior of Angad.

The episode begins with Rekha drawing something on the paper and she takes a promise that she doesn’t let anybody makes any harm to her family when suddenly so many crows come there and attack her. She gets up from her sleep and finds herself in a situation where everyone is crying and moaning over a dead body and the dead body appears to be Angad. She wakes up from her sleep and realizes that it was all her hallucination and nothing like that is happening in real life but then she gets in palpitation and thinks that she can’t let anything like this happen but due to weakness she faints again.

Sandhya comes in her room when she finds Angad is not there. She looks confused and thinks what is happening when her father says that he knows she is not able to see Angad in such a condition that is why he sent him to another room. While dressing up Sandhya gets up and goes to check the outside of the house and in this process, she opens the window and gets shocked to see so many cores have covered the outside area of their house. She wonders what is happening around.

Sandhya Angad and their children visited Sandhya’s maternal house, a person comes there and send wonders who is he when our grandmother says that today is a very important day so I will let you enter in my house. Sandhya inquiry about him and he is about to tell his identity but the grandmother of Sandhya stop him from revealing it.

All the family members get ready for veneration and each of them dressed in green color. They find the crows have completely covered the outside area of the house, in such broad daylight the area of the Puja is completely dark which is truly shocking for them. The ladies of the house are making offering required for the pooja and they are using ashes as an ingredient. Sandhya on the other hand discovered that the store room is open and what comes to her as most shocking is a chair with a rope is situated there which appears like someone is tied up with this year but now escaped. Sandhya wonders where Angad can go now.

Rekha, Angad’s mother is doing to and fro in the house and thinking what to do next when Angad enter the house with an injured Balraj. Rekha gets shocked to see Balraj state and she rushes to him and shouts his name.

Suddenly the environment of the house changed and all of them gets shocked to see Angad in the form of a devil. Everyone in the house gets shocked. The devil which empowers Angad gets angry for double-crossing him in his own game and he says that he is hungry. Rekha is trying to sacrifice herself for the sake of the family and ask him to eat her up when Balraj interferes and says instead of Rekha he can eat him.

All in all the entire environment of the house is completely changed and it is getting terrified. Sandhya comes fair and gets shocked to see the situation and she tries to save Rekha by hitting the devil with the candle stand. The devil gets extremely annoyed with these attempts of Sandhya when Rekha informs her that the Devil takes him over and Angad is not in his own senses.

Rekha with no other option left gives a call to Karthik and tell him about her vision, on the other hand, Sandhya is trying to wake up that help of Angad inside the devil. She keeps on reminding him about his life and his family and tries to make him go back to his own self. However, all these attempts of Sandhya are going in vain as it is showing no effect on Angad.

Angad holds Sandhya by her neck and asking for his demand to which Sandhya says that she is not able to do what he is desiring. The devil gets extremely angry and he tries to strangle Sandhya when Kartik reaches there and points a gun at the devil.

The devil disappears and hits Karthik from behind and in the process, the gun gets thrown away. The devil starts strangling him when Sandhya takes the gun and points it at him. Malini asks her not to shoot as it will only harm Angad. The devil plays with Sandhya’s mind in the form of Angad and snatches the gun from her. He asks for Prem once again but Sandhya doesn’t agree. He shoots at Karthik but the bullet dodges and hits the vase because of Prem’s magical powers. The same cycle repeats and everyone wonders but Aastha notices the change in Prem. They lock Angad in the room from outside.

Aastha asks Prem about his powers but he himself is unaware of it. Aastha decides to inform Sandhya but Prem stops her and takes a promise from her to not do so. The elders discuss whatever happened and Sandhya decides to proceed with the pooja to get rid of the devil.

Aastha asks Prem to repeat the magic for her but he couldn’t do so. Aastha gets angry on him and is about to fall down and Prem’s magic works and she floats in the air before getting hurt. Angad’s sister comes with food for them and they hide about Prem to her.

Karthik visits Rekha at the hospital and asks her once again use her visionary as she may be wrong the first time. Aastha goes to her visionary world and a demon starts attacking her there. Her condition starts getting critical and Karthik panics. However, to her surprise, Prem saves her and she understands that it’s only Prem who could save Angad. She informs Karthik of the same.

Precap: Sandhya tricks the devil to come to its real form and reveals the ash shillings they made.