KAWACH: Sandhya slits her throat| Angad gets shocked

Colors TV supernatural show will witness high voltage drama ahead with lady ghost attempts to kill Sandhya.

So far in the episodes it is seen Kapil owns Angad’s body and is trying to get close to Sandhya so that he can get successful in his plan.

Kapil says to his wife that they are wandering souls but by taking 6 lives they will turn to humans. He says out of 6 one is already dead. His wife asks him who the next prey is. Kapil says he will let her know soon. He tells her wife that he will not spare the ones who have separated them.

Ahead, Kapil comes out from Angad’s body and informs him that it was he who slept last night with Sandhya. Angad fumes in anger. Kapil says to him that he consummated his marriage with Sandhya.

Angad decides to tell Sandhya kapil’s truth but Kapil says if he will tell her the truth than he will kill Sandhya. Kapil says he enters his body in the evening and he can spend time with Sandhya before that. Angad hugs Sandhya and tries to reveal the truth but sees the lady ghost and stops. Later, the lady ghost attacks Sandhya and Angad.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, lady ghost will hurt Sandhya.

The lady ghost will enter Sandhya and will walk towards Angad holding knife. Angad will ask him to stop. The lady ghost in Snadhya’s body will say she will kill her. She will slit her throat. Angad will get shocked.

How Angad will save Sandhya and what next happens in Kawach will be interesting to watch.

What Sandhya will do after discovering Kapil’s truth and how she will save Angad and her family, well, for all the answers keep watching Kawach, sat-sun on Colors TV.

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