Kawach Written Update 19th October 2019: Karthik gets attacked by Bhao and Rasiga enters Jindal household

The episode starts with Shoba crying for her baby when Angad and Sandhya come with the family. They give the baby to her and she gets extremely happy. She thanks them and says that she thought that her baby will never return. Sandhya consoles her and Aastha says that her baby is so bold that it defeated a chudail. Angad and Sandhya leave to prepare for pooja.

Bhao determines to ruin Sandhya and her family and says that he’s coming. Rekha draws Suraksha chakra around the house for everyone’s safety. Later everyone bids farewell to Sandhya, Angad, Prem, Rekha, and Karthik. Rekha warns the family members to not let any stranger inside the house. They all leave in the car and Bhao comes there. He sends his new ally Rasiga to the Jindal household. Rasika promises him to succeed and leaves while Bhao leaves to stop Sandhya and others from getting to know his truth.

Rekha senses Bhao entry and Bhao sits at the top of the car. She says that Bhao is here to stop them from knowing his truth. She asks Angad to keep going and not stop the car anywhere. Bhai increases the car AC temperature and everyone suffers. The fog covers the car glass that Angad couldn’t see anything. Bhao keeps a large rock on their way but Angad couldn’t see it due to the fog. However, they escape with Prem’s power.

Rasiga comes to Jindal household and fakes injury. Ruchi after a lot of thinking opens the door only to find Rasiga in a bad condition. She says that goons are behind her and asks for shelter. Ruchi agrees but Akhil and Ankit deny. They have an argument and Rasiga faints. They bring her in.

Angad’s car gets repaired in the middle and Karthik and Angad leave to check it. They find that they need water for the engine. Rekha couldn’t predict anything as eyes are burning. Karthik sees a house afar and leaves to get water from the house. Sandhya gives him shiv idols for his safety. Rasiga wakes and Usha and bua come there and scolds Ruchi for bringing strangers in.  Ruchi explains them the situation but they remain unconvinced. Rasiga is about to leave but fakes stomach upset and leaves to the washroom with Ruhi. Usha and bua decide to check her with Shiv idol and holy water.

Karthik on his way gets attacked by Bhao and the idol falls. Sandhya and others hear his scream and is about to go but Bhao comes in the form of Karthik. He recalls attacking Real Karthik. Rekha senses Bhao very near to her as Karthik sits beside her. They all leave. Karthik comes there and shouts and they all left before he could stop them.

Rasiga comes out of the washroom and attacks Ruchi and turns her into anklets. Usha and Bua wait for Rasiga to check her and Akhil and Ankit checks the room to find no one. Sandhya, Angad, Prem and Rekha comes to Shiv mandir and visits the Priest. They ask their doubt but Priest gets angry on them and asks them to leave. Rekha decides to call the oldest spirit to know the truth.

Everyone in the house search for Ruhi when they Ankit and Akhil brings the anklets saying that it’s Ruhi. Rasiga comes in front of them and threatens them. They decide to go to house temple to escape but Rasiga stops them. They gets frightened while Rasiga laughs.

Rekha calls the oldest spirit and the spirit appears in front of them. They ask about Baho and Mahashivratri’s truth to the spirit but it asks Holy water for multi in return of truth. Angad goes to get it while the other spirits attack Rekha and Sandhya

Precap: real Karthik comes and says that the other one is Bhao