Kawach Written Update 20th October 2019: Rasiga turns the whole family into anklets and Bhao’s truth

The episode starts with the old spirit troubling Sandhya and Rekha. Sandhya asks why’s she doing this. The spirit says that it was lying. Bhao in the form of Karthik wants to leave but Rekha denies saying that Prem is here to protect them. Angad comes there and stops and Real Karthik follows them and exposes Bhao. Bhao orders them to give Prem to him and threatens to kill Prem. Prem saves Angad and creates a shield to protect them. The spirit is caught in the shield too. Sandhya asks her for answers to let her go.

The family gets irritated because of Rasiga as she keeps disappearing from one place to another. Angad’s father leaves to open the door but Rasiga turns him into anklets too followed by Angad’s mother. Akhil tries going upstairs but it turns them into anklets too. Usha understands that anyone who touches Rasiga turns into anklets. Rasiga turns Shoba and her family with the child too into anklets.

Usha gives the shiv idol to Aastha and Rasiga turns Usha and bua to anklets too. Only Aastha is left in the whole house. The spirit says that every mahashivratri shiv and Parvati becomes one. She narrates about a zamindar controlling all the evil spirits to become amar. It says that it needs a predathma to become amar. It says about a girl visiting shiv temple on mahashivratri and Bhao getting the girl pregnant with Predathma. However, before she gives birth she dies. Bhao chops her neck and the whole village drive him away beating him up and Bhao dies. He’s still killing every woman who visits mahashivratri. That’s the reason she needs Prem who is the child of a human and Predathma. Bhao breaks the shield with his powers and a war ensures between Bhao and Prem. Prem falls unconscious.

Aastha sits fearing with the shiv idol. She hears anklets sound and turns to find Rasiga. Rasiga keeps coming close to her. Rasiga fools Aastha to keep her shiv idol away to get her family back but Aastha hits her with shiv idol and Rasiga disappears.

Angad and Sandhya bring Prem to the temple and prays to bring their child back. Sandhya and Angad cry and get determined to bring back Prem to life. Aastha calls her parents but they didn’t pick up the call. Rasiga comes in front of her and gets angry with her. Aastha keeps calling but they don’t pick while Rasiga waits for the right time to attack her. Angad, Sandhya, and everyone is praying for Prem’s life and Prem wakes up. Everyone gets happy saying it.

Rasiga keeps threatening Aastha and Aastha keeps calling her parents. Rasiga leaves and Aastha keeps the idol away. Rasiga attacks her and Bhao joins her. Angad comes home with Karthik and Rekha and finds the whole house dark and empty. They try calling everyone but none answers their phone. Angad lights the candle and Rasiga appears in front of him and disappears soon. They hear anklets sound and Rekha finds others in the form of anklets. She touches anklets and sees what happened. Angad is about to break the anklets and Rekha stops him. She says about Rasiga turning everyone into anklets. Sandhya with Prem is at her father’s house. Prem asks about others and she says that they are at home. She says that they are here to find about Bhao. Rekha searches the books to know about Rasiga.

Sandhya asks about Bhao to Aai ji. She explains about Bhao to them and Aai Ji remembers something. She says that she’s aware of that Bhao. Rekha finds Rasiga to be a nishi predh. She says that it’s a very dangerous predhatma and it’s very difficult to defeat it. Aai ji says about Bhao that their family killed him and took his weapon from his body.

Bhao threatens Angad and others to bring Sandhya and Prem there. Bhao threatens to kill his whole family. Sandhya’s father calls mankesh to know about Bhao.

Bhao breaks the anklets as Angad denies giving Prem to him. Bhao says that until the anklets get reunited there are no chances for his family to come back. Sandhya’s father says that even Mankesh too doesn’t know anything about it. She asks if there’s any ancestral thing that their family has to let them reach Bhao. Prem sees his great grandfather picture and finds something. He asks Sandhya to speak with the spirit of his great grandfather stunning everyone.

Precap: Angad and others collect all the beads of the anklet. Sandhya gets a clue. Angad gets locked in a room with a woman dancing.