Kawach Written Update 26th October 2019: Bhao succeeds in capturing Prem

Episode starts with Angad, Karthik, and Rekha collecting all the beads of the anklets and wonders about one person who escaped. They hear Aastha’s voice finds and finds her appearing and disappearing from one place to another. Later they find Aastha with Rasiga and they disappear again.

Prem calls bade naan’s spirit and becomes. He says that only he can sense him while others can’t see him. He moves his walking stick indicating his arrival. Prem explains what bade naanu says and all gets emotional. Sandhya asks about Bhao to naanu. He points the walking stick towards kul dev idol and Aai ji explains about the idol. Sandhya asks Prem what did bade naanu say. Prem says that bade naanu left confusing everyone. Sandhya goes to the kul dev idol and believes that it’s the idol that could defeat Bhao.

Angad and Rekha enter a door but the door closes before Rekha could enter. They both try opening the door but couldn’t. Bhao appears in front of Rekha but leaves without a word. Rekha worries that Karthik is alone and leaves to check on him. Angad panics hearing Karthik’s name. he finds Rasiga dancing but she disappears soon. She appears again and he asks about his daughter and she disappears again.

Rekha searches Karthik but couldn’t find him. She finds an elderly man and she gets scared. Angad too searches Aastha and finds her all old. Rasiga says that she’s his daughter and will die soon.

Aastha explains about what happened and Angad cries seeing her. Rasiga says that her father loves Prem more than her. Angad shouts stop but she disappears. He hears another cough sound and Rekha introduces the old man to e Karthik. Bhao and Rasiga sees them smiling.

Sandhya is examining the idol but couldn’t find any way to open it. Angad calls Sandhya and asks her to come home immediately with Prem. He says that he can’t explain anything on phone and asks her to come soon and cuts the call. Sandhya explains Aai and Baba of the same and takes the idol with her in case if she needs it. Sandhya worries about her family.

Sandhya cries learning everything and Angad decides to give Prem. Sandhya gets shocked hearing it. He says that they are normal human being and can’t fight Bhao but Prem have powers. Sandhya sides Prem and says that Prem himself will save them. She requests Prem to pray to get ack the family. Prem tries but nothing happens. Sandhya asks him to try again but still nothing changes. Angad having had enough asks her to stop it. He says that even if prem saves today, tomorrow Bhao will do something. Sandhya is against it and Angad asks her to look at Aastha and others condition. Sandhya cries seeing Aastha. Rekha also agrees with Angad and says that they can’t keep fighting with Bhao. She says that now the fight is between Bhao, Shiv ji and Prem and they could do nothing about it. Sandhya asks what happened to them and denies agreeing to them. It is revealed that they are not real Angad and Rekha as the real ones are captured. The fake Bhao asks her to choose between them and Prem. Prem offers himself and Sandhya denies to his decision. Prem gets adamant while the fake Angad and Rekha brainwashes her. Sandhya calls for Bhao accepting her defeat and cries hugging Angad. Angad turns to be Bhao. He says that he’s taking Prem and by evening her whole family will be dead. Bhao and Rasiga disappears with Prem.

Prem is taken to real Angad and Rasiga and he tries reviving them but in vain. Bhao asks him to do what he wants and he’ll give what he wants. Sandhya cries for Prem and Sakshi’s aatma scolds Sandhya for giving Prem away. Sandhya says that she loved him more than her life but Sakshi calls it a lie. She calls her a loser and Sandhya agrees it. She furiously scolds Kul dev idol and tries throwing away but couldn’t. she cries asking it to help her and prove her belief on him. Her tear drops fall on idol and it glows. Aai ji comes there and consoles Sandhya.

Prem asks him to wake up Angad and Rekha and he does so. Aai and Sandhya wipes the idol and gets some hints. Angad fights with Bhao for Prem. Bhao captures Angad and Rekha and forces Prem to listen to him. He asks for his body to become Amar. Karthik and Rekha gets fine and Bhao troubles Angad and Rekha.

Precap: Rasiga appears in front of Sandhya. Bhao takes Prem body