Kawach Written Update 27th October 2019: Bhao fools Sandhya and Angad with Prem’s body

The episode starts with Sandhya challenging Rasiga to defeat her. Bhao forces Prem to give his body and Prem asks him to release Angad and Rekha. Bhao says that he will release themselves only when he gets his body. Sandhya asks Rasiga to appear in front of her and she does so.

Bhao performs pooja to take over Prem body and Angad and Rekha try stopping him. Bhao forces Prem to sit in the pooja by troubling Angad and Prem. Having no option he sits in pooja and Angad and Rekha watches it helpless.

Rasiga taunts Sandhya for her blind trust. She says that she can’t fight her. Sandhya lures her into reveal her identity. She says that she was killed in the love and she will give the same to others. She says she’ll give only pain to the whole world. She tries attacking Sandhya but Karthik stops her with kul Dev idol. The transformation of spirit is done with Bhao getting Prem body and Prem spirits roam outside.

Sandhya tries calling a spirit using Rekha’s books. They tries calling Madhur’s spirit to fight Rasiga. Rasiga couldn’t enter the room because of the shield by Sandhya. She threatens killing her family members if she doesn’t come out. Sandhya calls Madhur despite her warnings. Rasiga gets Ruhi and tries killing her. They experiences a change in the surrounding with the entry of Madhur. Sandhya asks Rasiga to come in and Rasiga senses Madhur.

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Bhao cheats Prem and proceeds to kill Angad and Rekha shocking Prem. He takes his weapon and is about to attack Angad and Rekha but Prem uses his power and sends them back to Sandhya. Bhao becomes weak in Prem’s body. Rasiga cries seeing Madhur. Madhur reprimands her for choosing the bad path. He says that he always loved her helping nature but she changed a lot now. He asks her to become his old Rasiga and come back to him.

Rasiga agrees and joins Madhur. She releases the family members and everyone gets happy. They gets reunited. Everyone gets happy. Rasiga wishes Sandhya to defeat Bhao and leaves with Madhur’s spirit for getting peace.

Aai asks about Angad, Prem and Rekha. Sandhya says them what happened and they all cries. They hear some noise and Sandhya and Karthik leave to check in store room.

They find Angad and Rekha wincing and gets happy. Sandhya asks about Prem and they cries and says what happened. Prem appears in front of them and Sandhya hugs him and cries happily. However Rekha and others are doubtful if it’s really Prem or not.

Rekha persuades Sandhya to let her check Prem. She uses her visionary and finds Bhao leaving Prem’s body and Prem getting back in the body. She informs the same to others and they all gets happy. Prem says that Bhao says that he will come back. Sandhya asks him not to worry as they have already found a way to defeat Bhao and says him the way. It is revealed that its actually Bhao and not Prem.

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Sandhya explains about kul Dev idol to family and Bhao watches it furious. He says that he himself made Rekha see the lie. He says that he can be in Prem’s body only till sunrise and need6 to gund a way to stop them.

Rekha calls Sandhya’s Bade naanu again using her books and asks her the meaning of the signs in the kuldev idol. He says Bhao and Prem but disappears him soon. Bhao has captured him and warns him to not reveal about him to anyone. He asks him the places where his body parts are hidden. He senses Angad coming and immediately pretense sleeping.

Sandhya finds it weird seeing Bade naanu disappearing all of a sudden. She comes to Prem’s room to check on him but a Angad stops him. He takes her away saying that Prem is asleep. Sandhya senses Bade naanu behind her but couldn’t se him. Bhao smirks.

Precap : Bhao warns Bade naanu to not hide from him. Rekha says Sandhya that Bhao is in the house.