Kayal: Dharmalingam provokes Anbu against Kayal

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Sun TV’s popular show “Kayal” currently deals with Kayal trying to solve Devi’s issues. Earlier its seen that Kayal failed to collect the money to buy Jewels. Now it will be seen that Kayal will be in dilemma

In the previous episode we Dharmalingam convince Moorthy to accept the catering order. Kayal disliked it . Inspector advised Anbu to pass in his written test. He assured him to guide in his training. Gowtham accept his compounder work to pretend like feeling guilty. Kayal suspected his sudden change in behaviour.

Later, Vedhavalli provoked Devi against Kayal. He requested her to bring back woman’s association post. Kayal kept an close watch on Gowtham. She noticed a patient lost a balance from the wheel chair.

Kayal rescued that person. Kayal informed the GM that Gowtham who brought this patient here. GM lashed out at Gowtham and says he is not even qualified to do the compounder work. Gowtham determined to take revenge on Kayal

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Kayal will share a quality time with her friend Ezhil. Anbu will notice them together and misunderstand their relationship. Later, Dharmalingam will create a scene in Kayal’s house. Anbu will badmouth on Kayal’s character. Devi will support him. Kayal will be hurt to hear it all.

What will happen next?

Will Dharmalingam plot against Kayal?

Will Kayal accept Ezhil’s love?

In the upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.