Kayal: Kayal refuses to accept Dharmalingam’s order

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Sun TV’s popular show “Kayal” currently deals with Kayal trying to solve Devi’s issues. Earlier its seen that Kayal failed to collect the money to buy Jewels. Now it will be seen that Moorthy to hide the truth from Kayal

In the previous episode we saw; Kayal learnt from Dhanam that Moorthy got money in finance from Dharmalingam. She got furious and confronted him. Moorthy tried to convince her to repay it on time. Kayal complained to him it’s danger. He couldn’t pay it on time. She added that

Dharmalingam never pray for their good future. He was determined to ruin their happiness and peace. She advised him to return the money to him. Moorthy hesitated to do it. Kayal lashed out at him. Dharmalingam and his wife visited her house.

Kayal lashed out at them and demand them to leave from her house. She humiliated Dharmalingam and kicked them out of their house. Moorthy dreamt of it. He hid the truth from Kayal. Dhanam got angry on Moorthy for hide the truth from Kayal.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Dharmalingam will visit Kayal house. He will share to Moorthy that he bring a new catering order for him. He wants to cook for 1000 people. He will give advance 10k to him. Kayal will refuse to accept his money.

What will happen next?

Will Dharmalingam plot against Kayal?

Will Kayal accept Ezhil’s love?

In the upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.