Kaynaat reveals a shocking truth to Saltanat: Sufiyana Pyar Mera

In the serial Sufiyana Pyar Mera, Saltanat to stop Kaynaat’s wedding after she learns that Kaynaat feels for Zaroon.

Kaynaat reveals a shocking truth to Saltanat: Sufiyana Pyar Mera

As reported earlier, Zaroon wants to marry Saltanat but Saltanat didn’t except his proposal. Seeing Saltanat’s reaction Zaroon comes up with a plan and assures everyone that till Eid he will fix everything. Zaroon gets to know that Humza. Zaroon assures Hamza that he will get him married to Kaynaat.

Otherside, Kaynaat will have an argument with Saltanat. She will say to Saltanat that he can marry Zaroon as she is no more interested in him. Saltanat will ask her to act foolish as everyone knows Zaroon came back to India for her. Kaynaat will say, then why she is after Zaroon. Saltanat will get shocked and she promises to Kaynaat that she will make her marry Zarron.

Otherside everyone gets ready for Iftaar. Humza too works with the men and arranges food for Iftaar. Zaroon asks Dada to see and think once about Humza. He has always been kind to them. Dada says he knows that but what he wants for this service. Zaroon will say Kaynaat’s hand, as he likes her. Dada gets shocked but he will go and will ask Kaynaat’s Hand for Humza.

Further, will see Kaynaat will say that Zaroon is her life. But Dada will ask Kaynaat’s hand for Humza. Saltanat will try to object when Dada will announce Humza and Kaynaat’s wedding. Dada will stay firm on his decision and he will ask to do arrangements for their marriage. Ahead, Saltanat will take Neelam’s help to stop the wedding.  Now what Saltanat does next will be interesting to watch? How she will stop Kaynaat’s and Humza marriage, to know more keep watching Sufiyana Pyar Mera, mon-fri 10pm on Star Bharat.

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