Keh Doon Tumhein 13th November 2023 Written Update: Dev gets a grand lead

Keh Doon Tumhein 13th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the shocking realisation of Dev, who fails to collect the proof to prove Bittu guilt, and for his own negligence Bittu was died. To punish his negligence, Dev is eradicated from his post and position by his higher authority. Though he is not the one, who will accept his defeat but he is now compelled to remove his official uniform. Befuddled and screwed up, Dev slowly removes his dress.


Here in the house of Madhuri, everyone seems very excited and happy regarding the marriage of Kirti who is now engaged with Vikrant. The family of Kirti try to haste for this marriage and calls the priest. He is asked to confirm a auspiciousn date so that Kirti and Vikrant could marry each other as soon as possible. Though, there is no date within five months except one. This date is after two days. Madhuri and Aau confirm the date. Shreyas is asked to informed Vikrant and Kirti.

Here, Dev meets a girl who was the classmate of Ritu who was murdered by the same criminal who murdered Anjali. Seeing the girl, Dev was surprised, but she says she has something to say very urgent. Though she hesitates to say the truth to Dev, but he insists her to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Yadav asks Dev to come in Bhopal, but Dev manages the situation somehow,

Dev manipulates the girl to be the witness of this case and asks her to say the truth to everyone. Though, the girl hesitates to tell the truth, but Dev washes her brain and unfolds the hypocrisy of Vikrant. She confesses that she saw Vikrant on the day of Ritu’s murder, he was picking up Ritu in his car when she was unconscious. She didn’t understand the incident, but later realised this should be told to the police. When Dev repeatedly insists the girl, finally, the girl agrees to be the eye witnesser.

Here, Kirti becomes very nervous regarding her own marriage and asks Puru whether he is completely ready accept Vikrant as his father. If there is a drop of hesitation, she will surely cancel this marriage, because Puru is more important than Vikrant. But Puru is absolutely confident and joyous regarding his new father. He shows his encouragement and excitement as he is going to get his new father Vikrant who seems to be the best. Puru is absolutely fine with Vikrant. Here, Vikrant is informed by his principal sir that Dev has come to school ground. Vikrant feels irritated.

Here, Vikrant brings to Kirti in the tailor shop to make a new dress, which utterly surprises Kirti. The tailor is also excited as he is going to prepare the wedding dress of Kirti and Vikrant. Later, they both discuss how they have slowly fallen for each other. Meanwhile, Puru accepts Vikrant and calls him as his father. Dev is informed about the marriage of Kirti which makes him confounded.

Episode ends.

Precap : Dev will reach to Kirti to make her known a urgent news which makes her shocked.

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