Keh Doon Tumhein 15th November 2023 Written Update: A schoker for Dev

Keh Doon Tumhein 15th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the preparation of Kirti’s marriage. Here, in the house of Madhuri, everyone seem very busy regarding the arrangement of the Kirti’s marriage. All the family members run around to organize all the things so that in the time of the marriage, nothing will miss. Seeing their enjoyment, Kirti realises what she has got from Vikrant who didn’t let her go from Panchghati. She got all the love which she deserved from the life


Here, in the road, the police officer and constables check evry car. They stop every car so that no doubtful individual could escape from their clutches. They also check the car of Vikrant and Dev. Dev forbids them why they are checking his car, as he himself is an police officer. But they don’t spare him as a defamation has currently spread under the name of Dev. As soon as, they check the car of Dev, they find out the dead body of Janhavi from the car of Dev.

Madhuri and Aau bring Kirti when she gets ready beautifully. Seeing her mesmerizing beauty, Vikrant losts his speech, and stares at her without saying a word. He comes closer to Kirti and starts to dance with her slowly. Suddenly, Kirti notices a injury in the hand of Vikrant, so she asks the reason. Vikrant lies about his injury as it causes because of the struggle with Janhavi. He recalls in flash back that how he himself killed Janhavi. When Dev went to find out Janhavi in the school, Vikrant takes her breath pressing the neck, and kept her body in the car of Dev.

Later, Vikrant tells Kirti everything how Dev has caught red handed as the police has obtained the dead body of Janhavi. Kirti gets utterly surprised to think that Dev has killed a student. She couldn’t process the death of Janhavi and gets nervous. She also doubts that unknown partner of Bittu could have murder Janhavi. But Vikrant doesn’t give her any chance to think about it.

When the police gets the dead body of Janhavi from the car of Dev, he becomes absolutely shocked. Promptly the police arrest Dev though he doesn’t know anything about the murder. Without second thought, Dev escapes from their clutches. Coming in his own house, he rearranges his thoughts so that he could punish Vikrant.

Episode ends.

Precap : Dev would plan to kill Vikrant as he has snatched both his wife and son from him. He couldn’t let it happen. Though he failed to be good husband and father, but Vikrant doesn’t have any right to snatch his every reason to live. On the other hand, Vikrant and Kirti is asked to change their ring and complete their marriage.

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