Keh Doon Tumhein 17th November 2023 Written Update: The marriage of Vikrant and Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 17th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with conversation between Kirti and Puru. The latter requests Katha to wear his favourit bungles and appreciates her beautiful look. After a while, Madhuri goes to the nearby temple with Puru. After leaving of Madhuri, her nailpolish falls from the hand of Kirti, which seems very ominous to her. She immediately calls Vikrant who suggests her to take the long breath. Vikrant cuts down her tension and generalizes her tension. As their marriage is taking place very soon, Kirti becomes more tensed. Vikrant makes her realise how much important she is. Kirti also promises that she will not leave the side of Virkant not for a single day. They both could’t fathom that their marriage is ultimately taking place. Saying ” I love you” to each other, Virkant requests Kirti to come out for once so that he could stare at her.


To keep the request of Virkant, Kriti comes out with her wonderful and magnificent make up. The glorifying presense of Katha, Vikrant has losts his words to speak. All the members gets so happy, Madhuri recites a poem for them. Then the couple are asked to exchange their final ring, so that the marriage will be completed. They all proceed towards the temple. When other family members go to the temple to worship the almighty in the temple, Vikrant losts his mobile phone within a few seconds. When he searches for the mobile phone, he feels someone spooky. In this meantime, Dev attacks Virkant with a revolver which absolutely shocks him.

Here, Kirti doesn’t find the jhumka at first, and finally getting back her ear rings, Kirti thanks to the almighty. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a gun fire, which makes her utterly surprised. At first she thinks that this sound because of fire crackers. Ahead, Virkant is attacked by Dev with his gun. Vikrant shoots at him but the bullet doesn’t touch Dev. The latter wants to prove Vikrant as the murderer of those deceased individuals, they both beat each other like a dog. Dev couldn’t free himself from the clutches of Vikrant. He beats Dev like a mosquito and makes him conscious. Vikrant confesses that he himself has killed all those people.

The heating of Vikrant makes Dev severely damaged. He also alerts that the whole panchghati will come to know about this evil face sooner or later. Vikrant gets more offended and beats him more. Dev warns him that he himself will inform Vikrant but Vikrant will not give him the chance to stand up in his own legs. He kills Dev and becomes exhausted.

Episode ends.

Precap : when Vikrant will be exhausted after killing Dev, he will be sit beside the dead body. Being tired he couldn’t able to hide the dead body of Dev. But in this meantime, Kirti will arrive there and will search for Vikrant. She will thunderstrucked to see Vikrant sitting by the dead body of Dev. Though, Virkant will try to hide his crime, but he will not able to hide the truth from Kirti this time.

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