Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Written Update: The oscillation of Vikrant’s mind

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the shocking revelation of Kirti who is trying to escape from the evil clutches from Vikrant. Kirti somehow locks herself in a room, so Virkant couldn’t do anything her directly. But Virkant manipulates Kirti to open the door, but the latter knows very well that she shouldn’t open the door. Vikrant forces her to open the door, but she doesn’t. He gives a jerk on the door which breaks into many pieces. Vikrant thereats her with the life and tries to run from the evil clutches of Kirti. Immediately, she runs into another room, and hides herself under a chair.


Though she thinks that she wouldn’t be seen by him , the hypocrisy of Vikrant touches the peak and drags her outside. Virkant fiercely wants to kill Kirti, the latter pleas for her life. She pleas to him to let her go, but Vikrant doesn’t seem she would anywhere else. With the folded hands, Kirti prays for her life but Vikrant threats her with a fir gun.

The split personality of Vikrant repeatedly oscillates between his two minnds. If his evil personality threats Kirti, so other lovable Vikrant tries to protect Kirti and Puru. Taking the fire gun, Vikrant threats her, but the Kirti immediately snatches the gun from the hand of Vikrant. At first, Vikrant asks her to stop, but Kirti holds the gun tightly. Vikrant manipulates Kirti to kill him since he knows that Kirti couldn’t able to shot him.

The struggle between Virkant and Kirti makes the latter puzzled and couldn’t decide whether she should take the law in her own hands or she should Virkant to let him go. Suddenly, Kirti shoot at Vikrant which makes suprised both. Kirti couldn’t able to believe that she is

Before dying, Vikrant confesses to Kirti the traumatic past of his school life. How his father used to keep him in the hostel, how his classmates would prank her and insult him. He loved a boy Rohit and regarded him as his best friend. But for the odd behaviour of his hostel warden, that Rohit also killed herself. Failed to controlling his rage, Vikrant killed that hostel warden. Then he own this nature to kill the human being one by one and it has become his illness.

Before leaving his final breath, Vikrant opens his heart and asks her to show the empathy to her. He firmly says that he has only loved Kirti until his last breath. Kirti gets emotional seeing the innocence of Vikran and promises she wouldn’t ever hate him. He requests her to show the empathy towards his love, as there was no falsity in his emotion. Kirti breaks down seeing the condition of Vikrant. She also asks him to fight back for his life. But Vikrant losts his life keeping the head in Kirti’s lap. Kirti laments over the death of her last love.

Episode ends.

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