Keh Doon Tumhein 19th September 2023 Written Update: Gurur makes a crude remarks against Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant sees Ganesh in the fair so he alerts Bittu through a phone call. Before he could approach him Madhuri arrives there with Kirti and Puru and compliments his looks also asks how does Kirti looks. Kirti asks Vikrant to ignore Madhuri who embarrasses her always. Vikrant makes up an excuse then leaves. Kirti scolds Madhuri.

Vikrant searches for Ganesh. Bittu comes to the fair. He notices the cops so he calls Vikrant and expresses his fear of Ganesh going to the cops. Vikrant scolds Bittu also threatens him with the consequences if the latter fails to find Ganesh then disconnects the line. Bittu decides not to spare Ganesh because of him Vikrant beaten him up.

There, the priest gathers the people in one place in the fair. He takes a garland in his hand and tells the garland falls on a person gets God’s blessings. Madhuri explains the belief behind this gesture to both Kirti and Puru. She further says that she feels Kirti will get God’s blessings. The priest throws the garland towards the people. Everyone goes towards the garland. Puru runs which worries Kirti so the latter goes behind him. Vikrant tries to locate Ganesh. Bittu also searches for him. Ganesh notices the cops so approaches them hopefully. Vikrant sees Ganesh so goes in front of him. He stabs him with a knife and says Ganesh done a mistake by stealing his things. Ganesh dies. Vikrant pushes him away. No one notices Vikrant and Ganesh’s interaction.

Kirti catches Puru. Just then the garland falls on her. Madhuri and her family members gets happy. Ganesh’s lifeless body falls in front of Kirti and Puru shocking everyone. Kirti screams and covers Puru to prevent him from looking Ganesh’s body. Inspector Jadhav and Gurur arrives there. Gurur makes a comment about how Kirti is always around a dead person. Vikrant arrives and takes Puru from Kirti then gives it to Shreyas. He then takes Kirti with him. Gurur asks the people to stay away from the crime spot.

There, Puru inquires Kirti about Ganesh’s death. Madhuri lies to him then makes Shreyas take Puru with him. Meanwhile, Vikrant manipulates Inspector Jadhav about his position at stake due to constant murder in Panchgaon. He then notices the reporters are covering the news about Ganesh’s death so he instructs Inspector Jadhav to control this situation so that he can able to save him. He further makes Inspector Jadhav wipe off the evidence despite Gurur’s attempt to stop him.

Reporters questions Inspector Jadhav’s actions. Vikrant puts up an act and reminds everyone about the importance of kuldevi puja. Priest tells that they will focus on the yatra. Vikrant gets relieved. The next day, Madhuri and her family members discusses about Ganesh’s death. Shreyas tells such incidences are taking place often but they failed to notice it. Sudhakar scolds Shreyas for his statement.

Inspector Jadhav arrives there to inquire Kirti. Kirti tells she didn’t saw anyone with Ganesh. Vikrant interrupts the interrogation and puts up an act saying Panchgaon reputation is at stake. He further acts in front of everyone by lamenting himself of failing to help Ganesh after Sudhakar says that Ganesh is the carpenter whom he hired the other day.

Bittu imagines Vikrant killing him while searching Ganesh’s house for the necklace. Vikrant calls and orders him to find it at any cost. He then notices Kirti who tells him that she feels her decision to stay at Panchgaon to start her life again is wrong. Vikrant stares at her.

Precap: Ritu meets Vikrant and inquires him about Ganesh’s death. Vikrant thinks to kill Ritu too if she become a threat to his life.

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