Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 30th April 2020 Written Update: Misunderstandings and closeness

Kehna Ko Humsafar Hain 30th April 2020 Written Update on

Ananya is angry at Rohit for not telling her about his financial crisis since many days. She asks him that why does he have to tell everything to Poonam first. He says that she was seeming excited about Paris so he couldn’t tell her but she tells him that she is not that type of woman who will force him for spending money. He tells her that she was going to receive a big award and he didn’t want to spoil her mood, but she says that he didn’t trust her for telling her the truth. She tells him that he judged her and that’s why he didn’t tell her the truth and says that she should have known about it from him and not from Poonam. She goes away in anger telling him to cancel Paris plan.

Next day Ananya and Vandy are at Cherry’s home and Cherry asks Vandyabout Ananya.Ananya tells them that Rohit always tells everything to Poonam and not her but they say that he might genuinely not have got chance to tell her.Vandy asks her to leave her anger and go and support Rohit to which Ananya says that even she wants to do the same and help him out. Vandy says that Rohit might not like her taking the upper hand in running the house but Ananya says that she wants to run the house with him. She tells them that she was really pissed off the way Poonam told her about it and thinks what she might be thinking about her. They tease her by saying all the bad things sarcastically.

At farmhouse Poonam does packing and says to Sheena that she is not getting what she is doing, lying to house people and going on a trip with Abhimanyu. Sheena tells her that she is no longer someone’s wife or daughter in law and she needs to take a break from the responsibilities. She tells him to live life openly and enjoy. She gives her a shirt and teases her a bit. Poonam goes away, giving her a look. Meanwhile Ananya brings halwa for Rohit and tells him to listen to her carefully. She puts forward a plan to repay the 15 crore. He says that it’s his problem but she tells him that he would have done the same if she was in problem and he agrees.

Abhimanyu comes to Poonam’s room and she is shocked at seeing him. She asks him to get out before someone sees him but he pulls her leg. He tries to flirt and asks her if she changed her mind and she says no. She asks him whether he has booked two rooms and he holds her hand and comes close when Dadi knocks her door. She asks him to stay inside and talks to Dadi and sends her away. He tells her he won’t touch her without her will and goes to jump out of the window but falls in pool. Poonam laughs watching him and requests him to leave.

In office Harry has a meeting with the guy in whose work Rohit invested and tells him that won’t invest in his work till he is not convinced that the paperwork is real. Ananya comes to meet Harry and the guy recognizes her. He goes to meet her and she tells him that she wanted some advance for some personal reason. Harry agrees to it and then goes to finish his meeting and comes to know that Rohit had done deal with same man and is suffering loss. He calls Rohit to offer help but Rohit says he will manage and cuts the phone. The episode ends.